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April 2, 2013

self destructing cookies firefox extension needs to learn to play well with privacy extensions which auto add opt-out cookies

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Now a new cookie purge option is available to your privacy arsenal: delete cookie after tab is closed.  No longer needing to wait for end of browser instance the idea is to reduce cross site tracking.

SDC recognizes Beef Taco exists and the purpose it serves but uncoyly insists the extension be disabled.  No.  SDC new powers do NOT replace Beef Taco; displacing is not replacing.


Unfortunately this assumes most people use few tabs.  I don’t care how most people under use tabs; I cram in enough ram pieces to pleasantly open more than 20 tabs per window.

The extension needs an option to destruct cookies after a tab loses focus for N minutes borrowing code used by Suspend Background Tabs or Too Many Tabs.

I frequently use Remove Cookie(s) for Site: click button to wipe cookies for this tab to logout or other creative purposes.

[Adding hyperlinks to wordpress can be a bit frustrating in profiles combining linkificaiton (Text Link, by Piro)and redirect removal: the entire content of the post disappears body and title leaving me wishing for an adjustment to draft autosave timeout]

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Google punishes me for using a hotlink to myself to  foil content scrapers.  Sure, abuse the rape victim, google, that’s your business model: rape surfers and continue raping them.

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