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April 1, 2013

a catechesis on the creed, pope John Paul II

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Khan Academy: hosted on google but funded by microsoft azure indictment? free education or free re-education? promotes socialism and denigrates capitalism, fundamentally antiamerican

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interesting rebuttal:

lecture made no mention of property rights or voluntary exchange—two bedrock principles of capitalism

It’s a critique of what he calls “crony-capitalism,” which in my opinion isn’t even capitalism at all

Enjoy Sal’s critique of the Gates’ failure to “transfer wealth” generationally.  Urinate on America and biting the Bill hand that feeds him.

How long will American parent’s continue child abuse by allowing others to ‘fulfil’ their responsibility to educate?  State Re-education provides neither history nor philosophy [logic] nor theology [morality].

How’s that working out for yah?


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