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April 26, 2013

making suck less for a friend

disclaimer:  I use ZERO google properties.  I don’t patronize the privacy rape as profit business model hence tolerating some ad block false positives.  Used from friends’ laptop & connection.  When I enable courtesy guest wifi it blocks google properties too.



subscription blocking

disabled: @@||^







April 22, 2013

stupid paypal policy willy nilly LIMITED flagging changes unintended consquences: expect sharp rise in identity theft and related crimes

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The decision tree used by both paypal and google wallet to flag an account as LIMITED requiring subsequent verification of your identity have several absurd assumptions and the ‘shocker’:   law-breakers will continue to break laws no matter how many more laws are passed on the subject

Those people will do what they want to do.  Add Limited + ID verification “plan” will cause casual ID borrowing or motivate outright ID theft (and concomitant financial/credit theft)


Paypal ‘agreement’ continues to be summarizable as:

paypal is the sole arbiter of truth [especially when it’s not and you waive all your rights or otherwise agree to the same]


Verification seems easy,

But the arbitrary ‘logic’ for flagging an account LIMITED adds  user security risk and needless annoyance to casual user who doesn’t want a paypal account

then you’ll find paypal asking for documents security experts say to NEVER provide via the interweb, fax, email.  Don’t do it: don’t send paypa or other interweb site l scans of your passport, don’t send  paypal or other interweb site scans of your state id.

burning bald eagle at both ends

More silly ID laws passed also assume everyone in the creation/verification chain are well adjusted, honorable people.  Law breakers will find other law breakers in this chain and then ENTIRE INTENT of system FOILED AGAIN.


E Pluribus Plures?

congress was designed for ‘gridlock’ or SLOW changes and not intended to be a full time occupation


Also remember sheeple:  ALWAYS opt-out of binding arbitration after allowing yourself to be pressured into signing binding arbitration agreement.  Must be within 29 days postmarked AND written on paper.

April 12, 2013

free SIP VSP also providing actually-free iNUm or more

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NO deposit/funding required to acquire iNum && free incoming-SIP & free outgoing-SIP

  • Receive calls via iNum,
  • SIP Broker,
  • Sonetel PSTN gateway,
  • callThru
  • gratisdid.
  • Some IP PBX
    • voicemail
    • voicemail to email
    • IVR
      • 10 single digit slots, 1 timeout
        • extension
        • annoucement
        • other IVR
        • SIP URI
      • TTS default menu text
      • timeout cannot hangup
  • transports: UDP
  • STUN:
  • CSipSimple listed: World wide providers – > Sonetel
  • android mmi trauma
  • registration server
  • sonetel_incoming_calls__free_inum
  • 10% share encourages affiliate interweb spamming trickery and junk email 😦


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April 11, 2013

Summerville Medical Center a satan’s trident hospital promotes KGB GE pilot FASCIST personal tracking system to motivate sanitation through oppression. Socialist health services take a step closer to death camps and eugenics. All jews must be tracked by GE policy : sheeple deserve to be led to slaughter : “Or I will [wash your hands]”

GE’s DiseasedMagination believes they can “create health” through technology:


By dusting them with airborne tracking devices and scanning which hands have a lower density.

Jewish medical staff will wear a slightly different tracking badge.


Patient satisfaction is tracked by a dopamine sensor implanted by mandate during hospital admission.

brought to you by the KGB division of GE, and HCA’s questionable morality

Promoting physician integrity through cheating or assassination



the actually proposed system by AgileTrac RTLS (Real-Time Location System) will fail:

  • GE tracked staff will learn how long to linger walking near sinks, or
  • have peers take multiple badges to sink trips, or
  • abscond with an in room dispenser sensor,
  • spoofing sensors
  • the morally disordered cannot be cured with coercion

because a FASCIST system “always” works better than personal responsibility!?

“It’s a constant reminder to put the patient first,” raved Louis Caputo, CEO, Summerville Medical Center. Yes, the worn reminder one is being tracked in real-time will encourage medical staff to put patients care first by migrating to new employment conditions.

“There is no better way for GE to meet its customers’ demands for efficiency and productivity than to [honor GE fundamental fascism transformation policy],” gushed Fran Dirksmeier, General Manager, Global Asset Management, GE Healthcare.

GE policy quote: “GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies”

“Or I’ll do it” — chairman Obama

“To learn more about AgileTrac  email us at

* Health Care is one’s duty to one’s self.  Health Services can be PURCHASED to that end. There is NO right to another’s property (time, assets, skills) : “unlimited number of users [for easier world domination]” — easily save $2 billion on 80,000,000 patients/year. : progress is everything!

bait and switch through vaguery policies




“We [at HCA] maintain an Ethics Line (1-800-455-1996) to receive reports from anyone”

Perhaps you should call to question the essence of their ethics?

protect your callerID by using a free TollFree SIP termination service.

defeating this type of tracking

  • Cause endless tracking trauma along the lines of TrackMeNot counterintelligence by providing numerous erroneous tracking events.
  • See also: spoofing
  • See also: cloning

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April 9, 2013 self aggrandising poor rhetoricians

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June 13 2012

social advertising? LLOL

[140proof of blathering irrelevancy]

playing in the mud with retarded sheep? that’ll get you far

April 6, 2013

save password tags firefox extension

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oh joy the default karma blocker ruleset blocks most of the needed elements to use the wordpress WYSIWYG editor AND text editor.  anywho

Adds arbitrary tags- and values to store password information

April 3, 2013

explorer your vocab knowledge

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If you are like most other people scoring less than perfectly on the SAT here might be an entertaining option to expand your vocab with a less stressful ‘test’

If your combined math & verbal on the SAT was not a four digit score you might want to find a LOL cat quiz.

There’s far too much subjectivity [any] on the essay portion of the SAT.  People who scored less than 1550 math/verbal simply aren’t qualified to grade essays from the high scoring.

Brush up on your vocab

many actual-education institutions and other ‘accredited’ institutions have credentials for you

April 2, 2013

self destructing cookies firefox extension needs to learn to play well with privacy extensions which auto add opt-out cookies

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Now a new cookie purge option is available to your privacy arsenal: delete cookie after tab is closed.  No longer needing to wait for end of browser instance the idea is to reduce cross site tracking.

SDC recognizes Beef Taco exists and the purpose it serves but uncoyly insists the extension be disabled.  No.  SDC new powers do NOT replace Beef Taco; displacing is not replacing.


Unfortunately this assumes most people use few tabs.  I don’t care how most people under use tabs; I cram in enough ram pieces to pleasantly open more than 20 tabs per window.

The extension needs an option to destruct cookies after a tab loses focus for N minutes borrowing code used by Suspend Background Tabs or Too Many Tabs.

I frequently use Remove Cookie(s) for Site: click button to wipe cookies for this tab to logout or other creative purposes.

[Adding hyperlinks to wordpress can be a bit frustrating in profiles combining linkificaiton (Text Link, by Piro)and redirect removal: the entire content of the post disappears body and title leaving me wishing for an adjustment to draft autosave timeout]

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Google punishes me for using a hotlink to myself to  foil content scrapers.  Sure, abuse the rape victim, google, that’s your business model: rape surfers and continue raping them.

April 1, 2013

a catechesis on the creed, pope John Paul II

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Khan Academy: hosted on google but funded by microsoft azure indictment? free education or free re-education? promotes socialism and denigrates capitalism, fundamentally antiamerican

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interesting rebuttal:

lecture made no mention of property rights or voluntary exchange—two bedrock principles of capitalism

It’s a critique of what he calls “crony-capitalism,” which in my opinion isn’t even capitalism at all

Enjoy Sal’s critique of the Gates’ failure to “transfer wealth” generationally.  Urinate on America and biting the Bill hand that feeds him.

How long will American parent’s continue child abuse by allowing others to ‘fulfil’ their responsibility to educate?  State Re-education provides neither history nor philosophy [logic] nor theology [morality].

How’s that working out for yah?


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