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February 9, 2013

verizon wireless tollfree number leased from AT&T? terminates in ATT error code T039L “please contact ATT business service”

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Too humorous.. will upload WAV capture

oh, yes, I auto-record ALL calls to any Customer Servivce (IP PBX); it’s much harder to claim “no such assurances were made” when confronted with the recording [uploaded to the interweb].

GOV robocall blocking challenge?  expose signaling to the called party or called party’s system to better defend against spoofing.

Most of the lessons dealing with email spam apply fabulously well analogously to phone or texting (sms,sip,xmpp): whitelist, blacklist, greylist, IVR tarpitting, PBX RBL, SPF [signaling], reverse lookup call frequency, PBX DCC, razor, SA, challenge/response, rx jitter, gap signal proc, honey pot, etc

phone abuse persists in the dark like spam.  Shed upon it the light of reason in  social communion like the Glory of God and it will be vaporised

Sure this works best for [IP] PBX but mobile LTE IMS is more akin to VoIP than PSTN.  It is overdue for the mobile carrier to expose more subsystem to client manipulation.  Signaling in PSTN or otherwise need not be the exclusive province of RBOC or ILEC!

because the contest rules bar disparaging the government I won’t bother to enter.  a good system should be publicly disclosed; relying on obscurity is not s _ c _ r _ _ y.

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