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January 29, 2013

VZW prepaid daily not a bargain if using recycled numbers

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VZW prepaid daily seems like a good plan for CL or other cloak and dagger operations.¬† However “new” activations are issued heavily abused numbers from a small recycled pool ūüė¶

$2/day prepaid quickly loses value when DebtCollectorLucifer calls for Bob Smith from several different obviously spoofed numbers several times per day.

fortunately TXT is not billed until opened.¬† And much akin to TracFone some VZW non-sim prepaid phones offer better TXT windows if you’re not outright blocking TXT.¬† Combine with voip sms to sip/xmpp/fwd for less poor results.

mobile carrier really REALLY OUGHT to provide customers server side PBX finesse powers for TXT- and call filtration!

provide a better number with the GOTCHA that VZW policy prevents incoming calls during port-in process!!

If you need a phone and need inbound calling now you DON’T WANT VERIZON WIRELESS directly; you want a VZW MNVO like TracFone, StriaghtTalk, etc who allow incoming calls during port-in process

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January 26, 2013

Jason Humphries urban dictionary despair

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urban dictionary despair:  learning the value of internet privacy too late in life

Having published numerous raunchy definitions in his own name, Jason Humphries is failing background checks for potential employment

oh noes!

[insert screen shot urban dictionary removal petition]


January 12, 2013

USA market drools over 4k (UHD), BFD!, 4k 2004 Japan SHV 8k a few years from Japanese broadcasting

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The japanese have ‘merely’ been using UHD (4k) equipment since 2004

Expect Super HiVision (8k) broadcasting in Japan to be well ahead of lame USA market.

Post processing caves should ‘enjoy’ the jump to 8k more than consumer wallets.

January 3, 2013

beat death with the horse of your choice

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For the dim: I can beat death with the horse of your choice until it sinks in well.


January 1, 2013

voip sms: gouging carriers begin haemorrhaging :  SMS to SIP, SIP to SMS (using SIP SIMPLE (MESSAGE)), SMS to email, sms to http [get], SMS web ui : SMS to SIP, SIP to SMS (using SIP SIMPLE (MESSAGE)), SMS to email, SMS web ui

voip.MS : SMS to email, SMS web ui

sms to xmpp, xmpp to sms — using ‘randomized’ resources


there are several VSPs with functional beta systems who wish to remain nameless

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