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December 12, 2012

bypass youtube blocking filters with googleapis or how to view ONLY video content on youtube

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While tinkering with to play a slideshow about Raspberry Pi cases


x4 Observe the following creative use of googleapis domain to circumvent DNS interweb filtration.  Alternatively this is a fantastic way to receive ONLY video content from youtube.

in lieu of

yup, merely insert “.googleapis” between “youtube” and “.com”

almost no thinking required (unfortunately slightly more complicated than mashing buttons on a mouse)

to avoid having to type altogether simply REMOVE “watch?”, copy “/” to clipboard, highlight “=” and paste in the “/”

^ however that’ll likely trip the filter, but this also EASILY bypasses youtube age check

drug abusing porn obsessed teen mafia whoremonger reprobate: Father Calloway’s conversion story:



while on the topic of Raspberry Pi today December 11th might not be the best day to view the site with filter circumvention in mind as they targets of the device, middle school- and high school students would then be exposed to softcore pornography (topless eve in adam & eve) |

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