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December 22, 2012

unlink boxbe from yahoo: do not use url for this,

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December 19, 2012

mozilla bugs needing your vote(s)

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sync ought backup search plug-ings

hopefully I’ll expand this rapes PNG images

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From Imgur upgrade propaganda (read as: protection money)

With standard accounts, images over 1 MB will be compressed until they are less than 1 MB.

grrrreat.. still no good alternative to imageshack.  I “get to” use alternative image upload as I disallow evil crap from rendering.

December 17, 2012

SDHC linkify

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related issues


fun with Class 10 SDHC cards and Raspberry Pi? watch: sdhci bcm2708

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Bits of patience are required and perhaps more stringent SD card alliance standards (see also EXT and UDF for SDA3+)

yay! making a hyperlink wipes form contents so no hyperlink for you!!

Guess we’ll wait some more before wielding SDSDX-008G-X46




adding arduino shields to raspberry pi and whatnot cool title losts to firefox frustrations

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Buying the prebuilt $54 bridge + shipping from UK:
also RPi forum:

alternatively ponte

or relays (test your french, too)


Officialish list of Raspberry Pi Expansion Boards

Officialish list of Arduino Shields


instead of connecting Arduino (shields) to Raspberry Pi replace arduino bits with PiPlus
* ATMEGA328P microcontroller with a preloaded Arduino bootloader and Arduino Shields connectors
* other stuff


I hope this firefox profile is corrupted because I did not enjoy having to recover this post with Lazarus. 😦  Why You Sort See Is What You Get With “Upgrades”

whatever article done

circumventing Raspberry Pi kernel learning: BerryBoot

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  •  download berryboo
  • transfer to FAT32 SD(HC) card
  • boot RPi with wired internets
  • BerryBoot helps make all those pesky what- and how to install questions


yeah it’s great kit but some people might skip the learning part entirely 😦

bookmarkified 121217

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ridding one’s self of nasty right column mostly via Stylish or similar CSS goodness

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This is not the best solution but it works for now

@namespace url(;
@-moz-document domain("") {

    ReadingPaneContainer, ReadingPaneContainerNoActionBar, sc
    {width: 110%  !important;}


December 15, 2012

when is down to whom does one report the irony?

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is it up is down with no contact option very backtardwards of them

is it up is down with no contact option very backtardwards of them

backtardwards. Adj or Adv. Descriptive of direction of progress. Esp as governed by microfot

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“ubuntu: that platform to which microsoft is driving customers with crazy prices and backtardwards functionality and interface thereby creating ubuntu evangelists”

I almost left that as a comment, and lo, a new word hath been coined.



December 12, 2012

bypass youtube blocking filters with googleapis or how to view ONLY video content on youtube

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While tinkering with to play a slideshow about Raspberry Pi cases


x4 Observe the following creative use of googleapis domain to circumvent DNS interweb filtration.  Alternatively this is a fantastic way to receive ONLY video content from youtube.

in lieu of

yup, merely insert “.googleapis” between “youtube” and “.com”

almost no thinking required (unfortunately slightly more complicated than mashing buttons on a mouse)

to avoid having to type altogether simply REMOVE “watch?”, copy “/” to clipboard, highlight “=” and paste in the “/”

^ however that’ll likely trip the filter, but this also EASILY bypasses youtube age check

drug abusing porn obsessed teen mafia whoremonger reprobate: Father Calloway’s conversion story:



while on the topic of Raspberry Pi today December 11th might not be the best day to view the site with filter circumvention in mind as they targets of the device, middle school- and high school students would then be exposed to softcore pornography (topless eve in adam & eve) |

raspberry pi foundation exposes middle school and high school propspective users to softcore pornography

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ehh not so much but Eve was left topless needlessly

raspberry pi targets middle school with softcore pornography

December 7, 2012

interesting extensions compliment for that one laptop user

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warning: I have not extracted- and closely examined the contents of any listed xpi.  You’ll have to “trust” the AMO “editors” (who routinely approve malware)

2 pane bookmarks

adblock edge

adblock plus pop-up addon

advanced cookie manager

beef taco


Bookmark All (yes, this duplicates extant right cick on a tab bookmarkall)

conform searchbox (with automatic learning)

cookie controller

CS list mod

customizations for adblock plus

element hiding helper for adblock plus

extensions list dumper


form history control

HackTheWeb (nearest replacement for Platypus)

Lazarus (this bloat can be replaced by TextArea Cache)

New Tab King (annoyingly retains closed tab history even after privacy purge everything)


NoSquint (“best” text resize or text&page resize, learning)

Open Document in google docs viewer (laptop owner is a fanboi)

OPIE ([im|ex]port extensions’ settings)

Redirect Cleaner


Remember Passwords

Remove Cookies for Site


RequestPolicy Sync

Restartless Restart

Secure Login

Siphon – Sync Add-ons


Stylish Sync

Suspend banground tabs

Textarea Cache

Text Link

The Idle Login (requires manually tweaking a bookmark)

Tree Style Tab (the only tab extension worth using)

WebFilter (block not only porn and malware)


Xmarks (sync firefox and chromium, although chromium OCD’ly prompts for password pin)

Yet Another Remove It Permanently

Zoom Page (kept to visually indicate zoom level of NoSquint)


Duck Duck Go mirror humor

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while interweb searching for a trustworthy mirror of getdeb DuckDuckGo responded literally


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