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September 27, 2012

contacting CBS interactive

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send appropriate REF

Ask about their “United”Nations style privacy policy: we respect your privacy until we don’t
Chris Ender

Senior Vice President, Communications, CBS Television


Phil Gonzales

Senior Vice President, Communications


Kelli Raftery

Vice President, Communications



Tiffany Smith-Anoa’i

Vice President, Diversity & Communications


Mallory Mason

Media Relations Coordinator


Robert Winsor

Senior Vice President, Broadcast Publicity


CBS Corporation
Strategic Sourcing

contact CBS Corporation’s non-management directors, you may:
send an e-mail to:

Investor Relations

51 W. 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

At CBS, supplier diversity is a cornerstone of Company policy and a key part of our ongoing business strategy.

The Impact of Creating a Colorful Network by Cloteal L Horne
B.F.A Theatre Major/ African-American studies
(because white studies would be racist)

 I looked around the room and made eye contact with the other two minorities in the room

no hint of racism..

 I was impressed that a major network would make it their propagative to diversify.

And fantastic black grammar.

We live in a mosaic nation comprised of individuals from distinct backgrounds. The time has come for our stages and screens to both recognize and reflect this.

oh grand, more separatism

As young artist entering into the industry and person of color

Gotta have that color plug to end racism.

Emma L. Bowen Foundation was created in 1989 to prepare minority youth for careers in the media industry.

White youth need not apply.



43 megs of Green Fascism :

^ page 6: pictures of trees

They ensure that character portrayals are sensitive to current ethnic, religious, sexual and other significant social concerns.

more faggotry promotion! blech





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