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June 30, 2012

STOP using FAT partitions on sdcards in android or any mobile really

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WIP but released from draft

Convincing a dev [team] that a given app contributes to ReadOnly-ness of sdcard, ultimately card abuse is tiresome.  R/O is merely a symptom of a much larger, should be obvious failing. There are a variety of obscure descriptors for these activities

card state 0x400e00


Numerous seemingly unrelated bugs, posts, articles.  All, however, describing the same horrific hardware torture


Entertaining IO errors in dmesg


Heinously imbecilic was the decision to employ any kind of FAT partitioning!

Gee, could the emmc borking in Samsung ICS be related? [MMC_CAP_ERASE] No, let’s ignore this history and blithely push forward.  “Progress” by any means necessary.

Enjoy putting script bandaids on hemorrhaging?  [unmount, fsck_msdos -y /device, mount] or [formatting with sector-cluster math].  Add the joy of various sdhc controller black magic.  mmm fun, thanks, SDA and google.  That was very “not evil” of you..  Leveling logic unlevels the playing field.

It’s quite the trauma.  There have been published standards for ONLY SIX YEARS.  And SPI far longer.

ree SDIO ports in mobile, please.  I’m sure you slow types can envision the potenAll eggs in one hardware basket? really?  Let’s have at least thtial solution; especially those of you fond of using “5” instead of “1+0” or Z3 of ZFS.


WIP linkage


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