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March 24, 2012

wayland as ubuntu default is way backstep from x11

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you want to burn electric money on 3d?  good for you.  I for one do not.  As ubuntu inflicted “unity” I expect the same brilliance to effect wayland as default.

Informed decision?  not for future [new] ubuntu users

grrreat.  download a bigger shovel



March 13, 2012

circumventing norton online family: info provided by public online norton help

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here are some entertaining gems

* children who can create their own windows users now have accounts that are not monitored

“If your child uses Windows 7 in XP Mode, the Internet activities are not monitored. Your child can visit blocked Web sites and send instant messages to blocked IM friends.”


savvy children will simply boot an alternative environment.  loop back proxy [service] with admin rights is another entertaining circumvention.

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android xmpp GibberBot 0.8.0 now multi-account and OTR

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hooray! Beem and GibberBot have been OTR capable for a while, Xabber has been multi-account but not OTR capable, but now GibberBot seems to be more capable than Beem and Xabber combined!

grab 0.8.0 alpha apk:
project site:
tracker/apk files now at gp:


Expect more great advances from the PRIVACY-centric Guardian Project soon!  It’s been over a year since Xabber claimed to [plan to] re-release as Open Source.  Both Beem and GibberBot are Open Source.

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