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November 11, 2011

alternative Raspberry Pi wifi devices? low cost or feature overkill

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Infinitec IUM, UFD+wifi, close as saudi arabia

Infinitec IUM
Infinitec Pocket TV: HDMI key (no usb) yet another android smart tv dongle

HSTi wireless media stick, UFD-wifi [cloud], close as walmart or amazon, (Home Server Technology Inc)

HSTi wireless media stick,
HSTi mobo stick,
HSTi Moboplay, tiny media center fragment nearly twice the cost of Raspberry Pi with nowhere near the functionality of XBMC on Raspberri Pi.  One the upside HSTi device can stack connect to Moboplay
HSTi Digital Sign wireless media stick, convert screens of any kind into an annoying ad or propaganda device or enslave it to the Raspberry Pi

almost a decade ago gigabit GN-WLBZ201, UFD-wifi


WiMedia MB-OFDM Ultra-wideband (UWB) radio platform as developed by the WiMedia Alliance

eyefi is in need of those donning monochromatic head apparel and elbow grease:

eyefi, SD+wifi [images only]

vs bag’o’ usb wifi adapters

not unique enough to patent? await the clones and rebadgers

Maxell AirStash [Wearable Inc], USB card reader (SDHC)+wifi

Kingston WI-drive, not for provide  internet to RaPi, but faster storage, wifi vs low class SD or slow USB2.    vs SeaGate GoFlex. vs hofin wifi u-disk.

Why doesn’t Raspberry Pi have power over esata (USB & eSata in one port)?



Raspberry Pi internet via BlueTooth PAN?

Goldfly BFD01, BlueTooth USB flash drive, BlueTooth v1.2 & v1.1 (class  2)

Goldfly Industrial Ltd, subdivision of Yitops Technoogy Co Ltd
BlueTooth profiles (PAN, DUN, Lan access, SPP, FTP, obex, aadp, bip,n hid, hcrp, sync)
write protect switch
TianAn Industrial Zone,Nanshan,Shenzhen,China.
Engineering, MSN:

Shenzen Visson Technology

Such are not novel, see also BlueTake

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