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September 27, 2011

managing tasks collaberatively doesn’t need bullish asante

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Zoho dominates, asante collects venture funding

jed stremel brings F*book mobile pixie dust?


September 19, 2011

google flash block detector?

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or or experience a demo

This library does not interfere with, or try to counteract, any Flash blocking extensions. It simply tells you whether a blocker is active on your page. Note: if the user has a Flash blocker but has whitelisted your site, the library will (correctly) say that Flash is not blocked.

Because some Flash blockers are not instantaneous, this library inserts some dummy Flash objects into the page and then waits for up to 5 seconds to see if they get blocked.

yeah, and now it’s blocked with AdBlock Plus.  Spying over.

pages load less slowly with more crap blocked.  google, the champion of text ads, takes notices and deploys flashblock detector?



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