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July 30, 2011

PBS to launch new propagandizing to interweb with “need to know” — contains only what they want you to know

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Uniting broadcast and web in an innovative approach to newsgathering and reporting, “NEED TO KNOW” will advance PBS’s role as America’s most-trusted [BULLSHIT] provider of news and information into a dynamic source of current affairs coverage for today’s media consumers. / “Through persistent, strategic innovation during the past three years, PBS has been transforming itself [into propagandizing all ages ministry], taking public media content beyond the television screen [into fantasy land] and making it available on multiple platforms, including the Internet and mobile devices,” said Paula Kerger, President and CEO of PBS. “NEED TO KNOW” is the latest step in this ongoing propaganda evolution. NEED TO KNOW will take the top stories and put them in revisionist history context, offering a deeper understanding of the truthiness of issues of our times that we want you to know.” / “In-depth reporting, pseudo-intelligent analysis, thoughtful brainwashy commentary and relevant features are the hallmarks of PBS public affairs programming,” said Neal Shapiro, President and CEO of WNET.ORG. “NEED TO KNOW” will carry on this tradition of child re-education, but it will break through the limitations of the broadcast schedule and pesky laws by means of a web-based production model that empowers audiences to ‘tune in’ anytime and anywhere to our flavor of reality. “NEED TO KNOW” is truly news for a new generation of conditioned ignorant peoples.” / “NEED TO KNOW” is one of the key components of a PBS news and public affairs initiative, the first phase of which focuses on improving service to


July 20, 2011

interesting xmpp bot

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their xmpp server ssl cert info however is troubling..

July 18, 2011

Draupnir, oblique chaotic good reference?

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mischief.. treasure.. cave

outsmart.. save neck


July 15, 2011

wp(oEmbed) + embedly = xss joy

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wrapping( wrapping( wrapped ad-containing “content”)) for wordpress to be scraped

oh, the ad servers are giddy. Profit for some.  Privacy?  What’s that?

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July 14, 2011

interesting subject here

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text of homily here


disposable phone testing: TracFone good, cheap TracFones bad. (prepaid phones)

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I carry more than two mobile phones for a variety of reasons.  Taking any of them to a potentially wet environment is less than desirable.

Disposable phones to the rescue?  Which pre-paid phones suck the least?

First choice to test: TracFone.

It was inexpensive (and very cheap).  No per day cost for the privilege of having the phone activated.  Minutes do not expire, but the phone activation does.  Buy more minutes before activation window expires or the phone self destructs (becomes unusable).   $15 for the phone itself: LG420G.  $20 for a 60 pre-paid minutes code.  Apparently there was a promotion at the time of phone purchase:  All minutes, and future purchase minutes, are doubled.  Searching the interweb I found a five digit promo code for an additional 60 minutes.

$35 bought: a chintzy phone, 180 minutes, five months of activation, and a phone number in the zip code I specified during phone activation.  The phone activation has a few gotchas.  It prompts early for a five digit promo code.   Since I was unaware that such existed I had not interweb searched for one.  No problem, the IVR indicates promo entry can be deferred to the end of the call.  Unfortunately the IVR provides no opportunity to enter the promo code later.  One need call TracFone support, 800.867.7183, and endure half an hour of near musak before being routed to a live body in Singapore.

Now the worse-bad:

  •  lag. horrible audio lag for each call party.  Sometimes as poor as long as four seconds of lag
  •  audio drops.  With full signal audio drops: 30% or more of the conversation is lost to the ether.  The lower the signal strength the more audio is dropped
  •  echo.  horrible echo.   I did not expect fantastic audio fidelity from a $15 obviously refurbished phone.  However, a high quality blue tooth headset offers no improvement.  sound uptake, DAC, DSP, codec, signal transmission..  the latter three are apparently hugely problematic even with BT audio.
  • audio fidelity poor.  very very poor… even with high quality BT
  •  most SMS falls in a hole never to be seen

The phone would be great for 419 scambating as the phone delightfully  mangles audio and would frustrate scammers.  While I would almost be pleased if this phone were to get wet on a trip and die the audio-suck issues render it useless for using other than a pager.

The less than good:

  • SMS sending uses at least 0.5 minutes of air time.  More minute fractions for longer SMS
  • TracFone will not accept SIM from another SIM provider
  • BT profile has been verizon’d
  • BT audio device must be manually accepted each time powered
  • TracFone support claims one is charged for outgoing ringing
  • charged for incoming ringing WHEN phone rings for more than five minutes

The decent-good:

  • no id required to purchase
  • no credit card required
  • no volunteering of personal information required
  • zip code used to assign phone number
  • number can be ported out to ITSP for PBX joy
  • short SMS can be viewed at no charge with the inbox preview feature
  • no charge to *receive* SMS.  only charged to view or send SMS
  • not charged for outgoing ringing per se

the extremely-bad

  • when voicemail is removed the system, much like verizon, soonventually applies INANE defaults
  • inbound calls are routed to a “mobile user unavailable” error and disconnected after 25 seconds
  • this error should only apply when the TracFone is not powered
  • activation zipcode assigns both phone number AND provider.
  • For least pain do not use zip code to shop for an area code

Why remove voicemail?  Prior experience with pre-paid phones is that voicemail is used to extort additional payment.  Also I prefer the PBX features of asterisk to lametard mobile voicemail.  I provide people with my own DID and route to the disposable phone.  My PBX captures voicemail, filters call

the extremely-good

  • Customer Service agents at TracFone, very much unlike AT&T/verizon, care about helping users,
  • Customer Service agents at TracFone are infinitely patient, polite, and kind, and have better training than most every non-business agent at other carriers,
  • Time spent with CS is credited back to the TracFone balance


IMPORTANT: buy the mobile flavor for the area in which you will be calling/called… CDMA or GSM.  Got SIM? you have GSM.  The 4th and 5th digit of SIM serial indicates carrier: 12 for tmobile, 14 for att.  Use zip code to ensure CDMA, or AT&T.  It’s far too easy to inflict tmobile or cingular on yourself. Zip code prompt during activation is for number selection.

Use and tracfone availability to find desirable carrier and engineer tracfone to ship the correct SIM, or force them to display CDMA handsets.  Ship where ever else you like.  Do not rely on TrafFone to select the best mobile flavor for where you live; tracfone will default to the least cost technology where you live.

For least cost: best audio quality & best signal with AT&T use the motorola W376g [pdf]

IF you want a phone to perform other than calling features you really want an internet capable PDA aka “smart” “phone”.  SMS is gay.

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July 13, 2011

report as spam

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how’s that going for you?

too complicated to use your words?


July 12, 2011

why have laws, colbert nation? no one always follows them all the time. why define terms? it’s so constraining!

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Many people steal.  Prison is full of thieves.  We shouldn’t, as a society, have laws against theft!

Witnesses lie on the stand every day.  We shouldn’t require honesty.  Sure if you want to take an oath of honesty you should follow it, but most people lie so why try to hold people to a standard?

Moral Anarchy is the solution obviously, Dan Savage!  This way no one can ever really be wrong or doing evil.  Excellent.. the world becomes a better place now that we have eliminated the rules that create problems.

Until each person is perfect there should be no law

Teens and their incompletely formed judgment similarly rationalize: you do not perfectly execute the ideals you espouse therefore they are inherently flawed [and should not apply to me].  Dan Savage asserts similarly revealing less than mature judgment and less than astute mastery of concepts (like love).  Colbert hyperbole provided far too solid footing to faggotry Tuesday night.  Wrong-tolerance, as tolerance of evil, is not-surprisingly wrong.

Monogamy is too difficult for people who do not want to control themselves.  Fidelity is too much a burden, like love, for any one person.  Being faithful in the moment is itself sufficient.  As we know the past is not important.  Now matters and nothing else.

Savage love is no kind of love: it sets the bar too high, and setting the bar at all is an irrational constraint.  Simply because marriage by definition can only be between one man and one woman is no reason it cannot also be between one man and another man.  These defined concepts impair using them in ways other than their definition!  It’s unfair and unreasonable.

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July 11, 2011

vegan brain damage: pay more for less?

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[ corn pix ]

Forty dollars per pound for caramels made without corn-syrup?  Raising children on a vegan diet is child abuse as documented by the FDA.  If you as an adult want to deliberately malnourish  yourself.. fine: that’s evolution.

Vegans: pickup some infomercial evil

“This item is free.  Just pay processing and handling”

free after paying money.  That’s much like the “free” of malware: simply pay in privacy and it’s “free”

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July 8, 2011

world bank: got propaganda? only one thousand brainwashy videos on youtardtube

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It must be nice to wield  unlimited money.  Unlimited?  Yes, fiat money.  Create fiat money to lend, collect actual money as profit.  spread the loss around: more profit.  Only mere citizens lose.

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July 2, 2011

▼ privacy HYPOCRISY agenda expanded by google: vigorously owning you AND yours with more crosslinked “free” products to self-digitize your soul [google privacy RAPE agenda]

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Why should google settle to mine your self-digitized soul across “free” google properties?  Would it not be better to stitch products together into a rape frenzy kit for tighter behavioral data mining?

Absolutely.  facebook will be so jealous

Better feed your “friends” and less proximate social relations to the google soul chipper with plus.  If you do not value your own privacy or dignity why would you value that of another?

Now with Google Rape All Plus Enticements (Google RAPE) you can help google form an even more inappropriate intimacy with your life via their shiny “free” offering.

Remember, naysayer, google’s primary function is selling ads, which necessitates their secondary function: data mining.  Does google’s notion of “not evil” seem nearly indistinguishable from evil yet to you?

If company xxx did this to people there would be much hue and cry.  Why is it fanboi rabidly embraced willingly??

See also:

edit: with title “privacy rape agenda..” google removed the backlink from their blog.  “Open” Society sensitive nerve?

“do no evil” — which sounds like witchcraft, itself a spinoff of satanism like wicca

is NOT the same as:

‘do good’


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July 1, 2011

contratheists to spread their “love” with skywriting on independance day. yay?

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Can atheists, members of a club with a self refuting ideology, be patriotic?  sure

Are all atheists infected with contratheism?  No.  Most seem to incorporate “live and let live” into the club ideology.

Most atheists seem to desire to join- or build an atheist club.  They long for connection and intimacy as we all do.  But they have a great battle with internal loneliness with which to content in the vast uncaused everything.  Do not despise the atheist.  Do not hate the contratheist.  Hate contratheism.  Be kind to the atheist no matter how brash or vile his words, actions, and inactions.

Religious freedom sought is the foundation of our Constitution, the impetus for the fight for independence from the feckless crown of britain.

Freedom sadly allows for one to constrain God.  This is dignity: God respecting the personhood of the individual and His great love of it.

The atheist’s fear of phenomenology binds them in intellectual dishonesty, self blinded to “a slice” of Truth.  Certain of the denial of certainty, raging against inconformity of reality to one’s life, the atheist might lash out against dissenters.  This habit of wrath might devolved into contratheism.  When contratheists mob whether interweb or real life this gross wrath is more than self destructive.

Pray for those who hate you… for they likely hate themselves.

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