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June 30, 2011

NEVER post photos from camera phone to internet: exif — FIRST SANITIZE to PNG

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Sure, not a novel concept but certainly worth repeating.. again and again until change is effected

Examing image URLs for exif leakiness:

ALWAYS convert camera phone images to PNG to sanitize exif and other metadata sneakiness!  Or leave a delightful trail for others to follow.


firefox 5 “upgrade” sucking up ram.. great GC asa!  Now we need an extension to iteratively restart firefox to inflict GC.  the “upgrade” on android is even more joy!  Thanks to Tasker ($5) we can be alerted how sucky firefox mobile performance is!

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June 29, 2011

disable yahoo location history

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Unfortunately once yahoo captures your current location it can never be removed. Be sure to signup for yahoo services with VPN surf provider.





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June 28, 2011

actual freeware android games

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interesting paypal advice.. instead backup recurring payments with prepaid amex gift card

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Whereas a prepaid amex gift card “expires” in 2019.  Add the prepaid amex as backup payment for webhosting [vps], domains, voip, etc.  This is a better surety than a credit card.

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June 27, 2011

android task manager app free with free clouds

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replete with entertaining Engrish


June 24, 2011

new TV series: sea shepherds bitch slapping

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Would donate to merc project that harasses sea shepherds  ON TV defending people from vile terrorists: the reality check and what goes around ships

As “international law” is a gross misnomer, as open waters are not governed, as one has the obligation to defend those in one’s charge, as Japan has failed to defend their citizens, as the Japanese whalers seemingly are cowards and terrorism is evil, as crushing evil is a popular media theme this would be entertaining and popular.

I am disappointed in the Japanese.  Where is the Japanese viciousness ?

The whalers are pulling a jimmy carter: kowtowing to terrorism emboldens terrorists

… where can I buy me some tasty whale steaks?


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June 23, 2011

mozilla rapid release strategy prudent? race to pass microsoft and google in major versions: yay?

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Why, Asa, why?

Will firefox 10 be essentially better than ie9?  10 > 9.  Sure, that’s nice.  Crank up the speed perhaps.  Firefox 42, the best browser possible since we have the biggest version number.. microsoft’s ie15, chrome12, and iron11 are so far behind we win forever.

“Himself,” my friends ask, “should we update to firefox 5?”

“nah, wait for the large scale microsoftesque public beta to end then install 5.0.2″

“but it has all that great privacy stuff, Himself”

“fat lot of good that does with ISPs selling you out with fine grained netblocks geo ip mapped and inflicted in dhcp policy*.. until that evil stuff ends there is less privacy.  VPN surfing for now.”

I still hope adblockplus will be available as a stand alone loopback proxy.  Unburdening the fox and opening the field to all the other players without having to maintain multiple versions.


* VERY easy for ISPs to offer an opt-out on demand. Send them a paper letter asking to opt-out of geo ip location privacy rape.

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June 20, 2011

Catholic business: white papers

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PDF collection

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June 17, 2011

droid x “accessibility” zoom mode Defective by Design

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For those with less than ideal vision in need of zoom:

the text is too small to see to see the small text used to enable the large text.


June 16, 2011

obi110 obitalk pain obihai retardation: analog phone required or FAIL

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obi110 allegedly a SIP device **REQUIRES** an analog phone to connect it to online service??



There is no way to authenticate

  • the **internet** device from its control panel
  • over the internet
  • to the internet service website??

fire the meth addicts

What does the analog phone do?  When a star code is dialed

  • the internet device triggers a connection
  • over the internet
  • to the internet service

To what end?

It provides information unique to this instance of the device that demonstrates control of the device.  Is not the MAC address information unique to this instance of the device?  or serial number?  Why can one not perform this authentication SANS analog phone?

no joy.. obi high on meth:

Interesting that this vexatious step is neither mentioned in sales propaganda nor in their obitalk configuration instructions:

there are plenty of detailed instructions how to connect the obi110 to privacy raping googlevoice

I look forward to unboxing a WRT54GS — happily retired in the garage — to provide the internets to my irksome obi110 near an analog phone as bringing an analog phone to obi110 will cause hours of reconfiguration joy once power is terminated.

When a firmware update is available

  • the internet device receives a communication
  • over the internet
  • from the internet service and shows a graphic in the internet device control panel

clue challenged?

Both obitalk and the obi110 are from the people who originally developed the wildly popular sipura ATAs.  This glaring oversight (*cough* laziness *cough*) is stunning.


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June 14, 2011

cvpcs on 2nd-init: tinker tinker little star

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tinker tinker little star

replete with spiffy graphics and some near laymen English

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June 13, 2011

almost unique

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.. while my droid x screenguard dries.. yay wet application.. now I need one for blackberry and iphone.

June 12, 2011

pretend obama debates pretend republican on stossel

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This is a legitimate use of BitTorrent: fetching aired TV episodes not available in the pre-interweb archive.

But I agree with beck that most republicans are socialism-lite compred with nearly every democrat (pure socialism).

I await the coup


June 11, 2011

monitoring adb interaction? monitoring app installs? debug trauma? upgrade is malware?

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Why is maps 5.5.0 monitoring adb interaction, app installs and just about everything else on the phone?

Combined with 2 unstoppable background services (whether I run maps or not) I cannot debug on my G1 any longer, can barely run apps and suffer random reboots if I try.

The [google] maps app now qualifies as malware by most standards. [google maps is] Too intrusive. [google maps is] Too resource using. Stop being so evil and stop let us 1: stop the damn app when it’s not being used, 2: cut down the bloated overhead when it is running.

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June 9, 2011

do you actually love the planet? greatleader?

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love the planet or hypocrite?

Move outside, use no artificial light, use no heat source other than the sun, and kill nothing to eat!  Die alone, hungry, cold and in the dark for the rock you love more than human life.

This is the end of the green projects and other flavors of liberalism.

Who wants to go first?  greatleader?

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June 7, 2011

scraping gone wild:

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Take a sec to examine the link embedded in the site template of

stolen template (  The globesit site belongs to the eye patch crowd:

backlinks in pirated templates?  that should make someone’s life easier



June 4, 2011

Gmail doesn’t work on fennec 401?? Brilliant no easy junkmail signup… Hotmail has actual dea anyway

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