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March 29, 2011

so many flavors of phone fun with a mil DSN PDF from Himself via StumbleUpon archive retrieval — my original StumbleUpon user number: 24065

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While reviewing my   the founder of the MAJORITY of the wildly popular ‘groups’ on stumbleupon, such as “money“, “open source“, “xbox“, “apologetics“, and “bizarre hunter“, still to the chagrin of liberalism activists

I stumbled upon this entertainly acronym laden mil PDF on delivering DSN and PSTN over PRI:

Click to access dsn_cndeliv.pdf

DoD’s DISA on DSN:

then direct your focus [back] to — thanks, Aaron!


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webupd8 foss fail

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I never bothered much with homework but it seems it might benefit the webupd8 ppl.

hello: 3GPP IMS?

basis for IMSdroid project 😛 yes there’s an iphone analogue

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