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March 12, 2011

OFFICIALLY: new OCZ Rally2 8gig flash drives NOT as fast as prior incarnation

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Disappointing performance of new ocz “rally2” drive, firmware 8.07, partition W95 FAT32 (0x0b)

blue led variants absolutely slower “thanks” to new controller:

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“We have changed the controller, they are not as fast as the older Rally2, just the way it is.” — RyderOCZ [OCZ staff]  (2011 Feb 24 @ 08:29 AM)


I’m returning it… that’s just the way it is. I paid for OCZ speed not sub par performance.  I’ll be buying the Corsair non-GT Voyager 8gig.



OCZ “rally2” transfer rate benchmark [image to text]: Minimum write rate 1.4 MB/s, maximum write rate 5.0 MB/s, average write rate 1.9 MB/s, average access time 1.7 ms, minimum read rate 7.8 MB/s, maximum read rate 23 MB/s, average read rate 22.2 MB/s

OCZ blog all hype no substance like “new” drives

OCZ wiki does not address controller change


it took F O R E V E R to write the Fedora image to the OCZ “rally2” flash drive. The new ocz “rally2” flash drives SLOW write… suck… horrid waste of money. Sure $25 is not alot of money but I overnighted the order Friday so I’m a bit more vexed

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update 2012-Aug:

Replace with USB3 Patriot Supersonic Boost XT [up to 90MB/s Read and 30MB/s Write].  (backwards compatible to USB2, a USB2 machine achieves maximum bandwidth read & write vs using their USB2 models).  For actual USB3 and sizes greater than 32 gigs, Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage XT 180 MB/s:50 MB/s R:W, or  Patriot Memory Supersonic 4-channel 100 MB/s:70 MB/s R:W, or  Patriot Memory Supersonic Magnum 8-channel 200 MB/s:100 MB/s read:write.  Speeds consistent even if not lame-FAT.  Patriot came to market sooner than other USB3 offerings.

Amazon ASIN:B007JPVT8G

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  1. they are fuk ing shit and ocz are a shite company to do this to loyal and new customers without informing them and letting customers pay over the odds for a dog fuk ing slow usb pen 5 meg write

    Comment by oczareshite — May 25, 2012 @ 12:07 pm

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