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March 3, 2011

arbor day foundation, tree hugging, envirofascists churn paper ads for turning people into air pollution

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What’s worse than Soylent Green?

arbor day envirofascists aerisolizing people: creating air pollution, making planet cry, causing global warming


arbor day foundation wastes paper [does not use recycled trees in propaganda], and now burns people we love


does the arbor day foundation hate trees?

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yahoo advertising guidelines restrict religious expression but no moral constraint against sexual deviancy like: homosexual propaganda — yahoo also anti second amendment

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The following categories of ads require additional policy review and approval:
Alcohol, promotions/sweepstakes, political, religious, tobacco products, ads which collect data, pharmaceuticals; other categories as may be designated by Yahoo!.


and yet “no problems” with this:

hmmm.. agenda much, yahoo?


But wait!  There’s more.  Yahoo is not only anti-first amendment.. yahoo is also anti-second amendment:

Yahoo! does not accept display ads for the following products:

… firearms, ammunition …

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