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March 29, 2011

so many flavors of phone fun with a mil DSN PDF from Himself via StumbleUpon archive retrieval — my original StumbleUpon user number: 24065

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While reviewing my   the founder of the MAJORITY of the wildly popular ‘groups’ on stumbleupon, such as “money“, “open source“, “xbox“, “apologetics“, and “bizarre hunter“, still to the chagrin of liberalism activists

I stumbled upon this entertainly acronym laden mil PDF on delivering DSN and PSTN over PRI:

DoD’s DISA on DSN:

then direct your focus [back] to — thanks, Aaron!


[ ]


webupd8 foss fail

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I never bothered much with homework but it seems it might benefit the webupd8 ppl.

hello: 3GPP IMS?

basis for IMSdroid project 😛 yes there’s an iphone analogue

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March 28, 2011

appbrain fast web installer to circumvent “market” requires gmail account self defeating

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I have not added google credentials to my android.  Oh noes, no market.  whatever.  AppBrain requires the very element market requires.  Brilliant  “circumvention”.

Fortunately we have F-droid repository for F/OSS

[ ] farce: pay to work for phantom alert, bait and switch marketing language, oh my another “smart” phone scam? (phantomalert review: avoid)

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You want me to add to- and verify your database AND charge me? no.

Pay $10/month at least for the privilege of contributing to the accuracy of the phantomalert database is a privilege I need not.  Better model for me is a PGP signed trust model: the better the contributor the more time-accurate the database one may download freely.


If I am to subscribe to a payment model I expect FAR better than casual community contributions to a nebulous database with VERY little intelligence applied to design.


How the phantomalert marketing scam works:

“drivers and spotters report speed traps..on our website.  Then drivers simply download our .. database in to [sic] their GPS” …


What?  No mention of paying to work for phantomalert?



“you could be making singles of dollars [scamming friends with craig’s list and ebay]” — review


All the while RadarDroid Pro becoming less and less appealing.

waze, social gps navigation, actual-freeware, integrates speed trap reporting with self expiration.  PhantomAlert database continues to stagnate.  to download latest client without [android] market.

(As android market continues to decay from MALWARE speciously claiming to be freeware the iphone platform becomes more appealing. )


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sqafeeds cucumber pirating CoScripter?

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IBM’s CoScripter is a thing of beauty.  Is Cucumber?  It is cumbersomeIt falls short of the CoScript mark out the gate.  Metaphor abuse done.

March 27, 2011

win handheld nintento 3DS by using waze at the right time in the right place in hot pursuit

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yes, really


(mmmmm nintendo ROMs)

wait, nintendo didn’t author pacman…

private, authenticated, groups could use such a gaming feature for event planning… hint hint… build your own mario adventure

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March 25, 2011

mplayer2 a NEW fork of mplayer : very YAY!

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must have

go get


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March 24, 2011

wouldn’t it be amusing to have AlternativeTo integrated into Ubuntu Software Center?

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Don’t roll your eyes at me.  A particular program that will remain nameless (hint: pre-interweb PVR) is far easier to keep current on ubuntu maverick than other distros.  As other personas I have been creating alternative to style lists pre-interweb.  Who knew other people cared so much.  I’m jealous if the guy(s) behind are making money somehow other than malware [interweb adware].  But then last millennium I also used a subdomain of my primary work domain to allow peers to keep track of my location and my projects… who knew I could have made a kadjillion dollars on twits.  Maybe I should quit throwing ideas out into the world via personae… but I like social engineering the world to my whims.

Is there a “what’s related” or “alternative to” type feature for the ubuntu software center?  yes, other than keyword searching manually ad naseum.

note to self: break off last paragraph into new post.

When I finally get around to eviscerating the verizon draconia from my droid x I’ll start stumbling upon stuff on a laptop (or maybe a nook) and reclaim all my [now very popular] stumble upon groups.  See for   The a$$hat$ that assumed management reigns in SU power sellout nuked my profile from inactivity and I ‘lost’ all submission attribution.  I already pay $30/mo for “unlimited” “3g”.  I’m not paying an extra $30/mo to access that “unlimited” via AP [30+30], or yet another $30/mo to access that “unlimited” via tether [30+30+30], no more than I’ll pay an extra $30/mo for unlimited SMS [30+30+30+30].   solution: root, root, xmpp [30].  Althought almost as useful as xmpp are TigerText and Cnectd as the latter two are cross mobile platform… and conversations threads self destruct.  ooh aah.  I’m testing a new xmpp client on android, gibbsomethingorother, that promises SSL/TLS but also entire conversation encryption. oooh.  SIP/RTP [voip] isn’t as awesome on “unlimited” “3g” as I had hoped:  [list of tested clients here], on [list of voip providers here (including,,,,, future nine)+(negativesip)].  Voip alone is interesting but I do enjoy fiddling with IVR… complex (often needlessly delightfully complex) menus.  I have an IVR setup to re-educate certain classes of callers; I dub it IVR tarpitting [or IVR tarpit, IVR greylist, IVR greylisting].  I meant to add this notion to Word Coined by Himself last year but well other stuff in life took priority.  Ever been called by a bot that instructs you, the call recipient, to hold for a real person?  Enjoy circuitous IVR to reach an actual person?   Suffer an IVR such that you hope to bludgeon the IVR architech nearly to death with his own keyboard?  My friends, IVR tarpitting allows you to wend your creativity to share [inflict] that vexatious experience with the much deserving.  IVR reeducation helps certain calling entities learn the only acceptable mode of communication is in writing on paper.  Yes, yes, always follow up a conversation with phone customer service with a letter, but being called back and informed Mary-Jane “did not have authority to xyz”.  Oh, manager bob, unfortunately for you “agent” has a very narrow legal definition, and yes, you shall perform xyz as I, like you, record all conversations for honest assurance purposes.  Similarly I like to share my recording policy during a company’s automated ‘announcement’ thereby giving them the _same_ opportunity to object to recording so it’s all legal-like.  And bob, you’ll experience IVR hell, or IVR reeducation, until you express yourself in writing on paper.  Asterisk is a thing of beauty.


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WIP free hosted interactive venture feedback

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Be wary.. many people have caught a mental disease that distorts their vocabulary.  Some of these are not free but online malware: running ads that will likely tarnish your [persona’s] countenance.  Some will argue users will not bother to signup with a service to give feedback and therefore one ought opt for anonymous feedback systems.  I agree that some users will not signup to leave feedback BUT I would much rather NEVER hear from those who are too lazy to demonstrate the merit of their feedback.


:: hosted (actually-free plan) [no malware, ] (nomoney plan) [malware, up/down mod, no user registration to comment, registration to start topic,  ]


:: self shared host



:: self host

shapado :


:: bait & switch .. claim to be free but insist on you giving them money



:: future review




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March 20, 2011

must have android application for hold sanity

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Sure, mid conversation one could mash the speaker button and switch the call to speakerphone while on hold

…. but there is a f/OSS application [on google code] that uses the proximity sensor to do this automatically for you.  What’s more is has a toggle switch to engage only when phone is set upon a mostly horizontal surface:

Take phone from face, set on table… voila speakerphone on hold



there be one gui bug: speaker button does not illuminate when the application toggles speakerphone on by proximity sensor

Plays well with IMSdroid


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March 18, 2011

boxee box watch amazon prime instant video store streaming

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Paid Prime free video streaming PC/MAC requirements:

* JavaScript
* Flash

Boxee Box web browser can do that.  I have EDU prime so no free amazon instant video for me.. yet.

I’ll have to suffer fetching tv with alt.binaries until then.  I tried commercial DVR: they all sucked.  I tried netflix: being throttled for using as many as __I__ want was intolerable.  The internets is my PVR… no irksome advertising and all the awesomeness of x264.

Amazon confirmation of some speculations

* limited to two simultaneous streams
* can use two IPA
* no limit to registered stream capable devices
* plays well with vizio and bravia
* prime is stream only
* paid prime can only share shipping privileges

Find a vizio glitch?

Petition Amazon to develop/support Boxee Box native application for amazon instant video store streaming:

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March 14, 2011

UFD led annoying? turn it off with MPtool

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thanks to the Rally2 bait and switch I’ve had the opportunity to fiddle with the MPtool settings LED busy and LED ready

really hate the ultra bright LED on your UFD?  set LED ready to 82 instead of 80 to turn it off.

ADHD blinking LED?  tinker with the speed! set LED busy 0 (new adhd) to 48 (mellow blinky)



Or adjust up the speed on the blinking for that special person who insists the blinking isn’t annoying..

I have have changed the product string from “RALLY2” to “FAKE_RALLY2”.

Is 2% really enough reserved space to reallocate for bad blocks?  crank it up!  Not too far though or it might write-protect itself.  No you cannot steal space from reservation.  Minimums 20:SLC, 44:MLC

Some settings do not play well with button mashing ;P



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March 12, 2011

OFFICIALLY: new OCZ Rally2 8gig flash drives NOT as fast as prior incarnation

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Disappointing performance of new ocz “rally2” drive, firmware 8.07, partition W95 FAT32 (0x0b)

blue led variants absolutely slower “thanks” to new controller:

post #19

“We have changed the controller, they are not as fast as the older Rally2, just the way it is.” — RyderOCZ [OCZ staff]  (2011 Feb 24 @ 08:29 AM)


I’m returning it… that’s just the way it is. I paid for OCZ speed not sub par performance.  I’ll be buying the Corsair non-GT Voyager 8gig.



OCZ “rally2” transfer rate benchmark [image to text]: Minimum write rate 1.4 MB/s, maximum write rate 5.0 MB/s, average write rate 1.9 MB/s, average access time 1.7 ms, minimum read rate 7.8 MB/s, maximum read rate 23 MB/s, average read rate 22.2 MB/s

OCZ blog all hype no substance like “new” drives

OCZ wiki does not address controller change


it took F O R E V E R to write the Fedora image to the OCZ “rally2” flash drive. The new ocz “rally2” flash drives SLOW write… suck… horrid waste of money. Sure $25 is not alot of money but I overnighted the order Friday so I’m a bit more vexed

[VID: | PID: ]


update 2012-Aug:

Replace with USB3 Patriot Supersonic Boost XT [up to 90MB/s Read and 30MB/s Write].  (backwards compatible to USB2, a USB2 machine achieves maximum bandwidth read & write vs using their USB2 models).  For actual USB3 and sizes greater than 32 gigs, Patriot Memory Supersonic Rage XT 180 MB/s:50 MB/s R:W, or  Patriot Memory Supersonic 4-channel 100 MB/s:70 MB/s R:W, or  Patriot Memory Supersonic Magnum 8-channel 200 MB/s:100 MB/s read:write.  Speeds consistent even if not lame-FAT.  Patriot came to market sooner than other USB3 offerings.

Amazon ASIN:B007JPVT8G

[ VID: | PID: ].


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March 10, 2011

white house to continue supporting axis of evil?

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wonderful plan Mr Nobama, opposite day every day: sit on hands when action needed, and act when inaction needed


March 9, 2011

solutions: CalDav applications for android phones and devices

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update 2, 2014 Apr:  The default android mail client and contacts app cannot be bothered to export ALL fields for a contact entry.  To overcome this perverse limitation license- and install Marten Gajda‘s Contact Editor Pro.  While at DMFS also license DMFS CalDav Sync, and DMFS CardDav Sync.  Contact Editor is mentioned in the original entry but everyone needs this awesome app if they have contacts.  Of greatest import Contact Editor Pro offers

  • copy/move contact between accounts
  • basic group membership management
    • spent hours organizing contacts into groups only to find on restore/import that you wasted your time?  Thanks google


update:  escape google entirely without third party apps by using a hotmail account. Google licenses ActiveSync from microsoft.  Not surprisingly ActiveSync on android functions flawlessly with a hotmail account.  (If you use the Enhanced Email app do NOT try to sync calendar/contacts with it).

  1. register a free hotmail account (windows live mail)
  2. add hotmail account to DEFAULT email client in android
    1. options: add account
    2. enter email address and password
    3. click “manual”
    4. click “exchange”
    5. set domain\username to \[email address] — prefix email address with backslash
    6. set server to:   (even if address is
      1. \
  3. modify account settings
    1. enable: sync contacts
    2. enable: sync calendar

You do NOT need to pair a google email (gmail) account to your android device.  Interweb search “tap four corners” or “bypass android activation” to find instructions for your device to skip the OPTIONAL [activation] step.  If you have already paired a gmail account create a nandroid backup, export data as needed, factory reset, and start with a not-evil setup.  Ideally install a ROM *without* “GAPPS”.  You will “lose” access to google’s malware market, oh noes!  Replace with clean OSS from and purchase apps from ethical developers. See also NOGAPPS Project

Under “Accounts & Sync” your email address should be listed, Default accounts check after address.  Prefixed by a white square intersected by transparent cross (exchange account symbol)

For BEST contact management results please purchase DMFS Contact Editor PRO:  You’ll be supporting an AWESOME developer.

Beware of youmail app versions after 2.3.9 as they will inflict a contact provider which will FLOOD your address book with junk.  Please therefore patch your framework with PDroid to be alerted on_install of impending inanity to stop it.  Hey, youmail, that “feature” ought be disabled by default, much like the “encourage users to [populate] caller id” interweb  “feature”.

A less-horrible contacts export utility:

ActiveSync alternative: Z-push, or dpush

Finally: cancel sms.  upgrade to XMPP. See also:


descending preference (combined: stability, functionality, frequent builds, responsive developers)

Funambol : trustworthy F-droid builds

two way sync


aCal, morphoss

two way sync
unwilling to support Yahoo CalDav


CalDav sync, dmfs

two way sync
change android calendar color


Hypermatix android calendar sync


aDal, Hypermatix

supports Yahoo calendar
two way sync


[WebDav for ICS] ICSSync



free CalDav service providers

Yahoo Calendar ** : alleged not fully CalDav compliant
dotCal *

not-free CalDav service providers



false claims of free service:
(ads are antithetical to free)

dotCal plans


* DotCal future : possibly malservice [malware service analog]
** must upgrade to latest calendar version:

android CalDav comparison that inspired this list of CalDav android applications


instead/additionally hotmail live free ActiveSync — includes otherwise inaccessible hotmail live alarms


[ |  (SU user 24065)]

March 8, 2011

aDav, the CalDav android client, or hypermatix caldav sync for android

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Is not the second character: Open?  Nah, it must be Oligarchy.  Maybe it’s Outlivedusefulness.  Offensive?  Outrageous?

Google’s intellectual dishonesty is circumvented with aDav:

davical is similarly a yahoo calendar solution for ubuntu lucid — as evolution transmogrifies the https:// protocol into non-functional caldav:// .  Evolution also transmogrifies whatever into webcal

See also:

or Hypermatix CalDav sync

however hypermatix caldav sync has a hard limit of one alarm per event (unlike yahoo calendar).. d’oh droidx.  But as hell would have frozen over before I shoveled my life into google this is definitely a step in the right non-exchange direction.  Sure, exchange is a fun alternative to google oligarchy.  Microsoft, where is your android dot edu offering? [this persona has a chinese wall]

and yahoo calendar help


EDIT: free-exchange options to sync calendar (and contacts, and media)

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March 6, 2011

port OUT google voice number : google lies and revisionist history

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[update, possible now after this article published, see edit3 below]

have an awesome google voice number?  I do.  But I’m not to keen on having google be a silent third party [call bridging] on all my calls.  😦   Yes, that would be call bridging, the technology google uses to connect two OTHER parties to a phone call.   A company who profits from context “would never ever” transcribe all bridged calls to better target market you.. nooo.  Would you like to buy a phone-bridge?

The above ‘new’ article covers porting IN a number to google for a mere $20 vs the ZERO cost of most other providers but ‘conveniently’ ignores porting OUT a google voice number to another provider.. one who won’t monitor all your calls to datamine  your life — as with EVERY google “free” service”port+out”+google+voice+number&ie=utf-8

Best of luck with that.  Some have claimed success.  419 anyone?  I now only use google voice for 419 scambaiting games

revisionist history: once upon a time there was a google help article on porting-out.  It has since become existentially challenged.  Dig around if you please.  OT: It is there you will also find my ownership/creation of the vast majority of uber popular stumbleupon groups.

of the many ITSP/voip providers I use here are a few you-people might like to replace google voice for personal/business use: : enjoy a bit of Engrish with a lower cost [less awesome route] service

les : lean, mean [kind], soooper reliable.  strongly resistant to offering other-than 5060 ports (a must have for those suffering fios cpe or gear raped by other cretinous fops)

vitelity : kind to pbx in a flash community

viatalk : self described as targeting the “average” user.  power users and the greater powers will be displeased with responses to feature/functionality suggestions.   The only ITSP in this subset.  Soon to sport an android application — already feature an iphone applicaiton.  really really need to offer vpn connections like ooma.

voicepulse : _NO_ they suffer from feature-coma and suggestion blackholing.  They did finally listen to someone’s adamant suggestion to integrate youmail.

future nine: hands on admin, not so web savvy, if only VZW had this kind of customer service

combine les/voipms/vitelity with a (hosted) PBX for best results.  Tinker with IVR tarpitting.. voicexml is fun.  Be sure to patronize Aaron’s SipSorcery.


google not evil, you say?  Violating federal law is good??


edit1: it is more probable if porting-to an industry heavy hitter.  names withheld to protect the overworked.

edit2: expanded GoogleVoice refugee options.  Ask for the “googlevoice refugee discount”

edit3: WIN!  google has been shamed/pressured into posting a help article describing how to “unlock”, pay, and port OUT a google voice number.  mwahahaha!

This help article was EXISTENTIALLY CHALLENGED prior to my blog post:

Be sure to select a payment method that does NOT volunteer identification information to the identity sucking, behavioral modeling, advertising entity that is hypocritically-evil google:

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March 5, 2011

morality and situational ethics : not found in the vile and truly evil college class “human sexuality”

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MORALITY AND SITUATION ETHICS Dietrich and Alice Von Hildebrand

Chapter IV: Letter And Spirit

In previous chapters, we referred several times to the antithesis of letter and spirit. It is necessary to analyze these notions more minutely. It is especially important to consider when and where, in relation to moral commandments, a distinction between letter and spirit can be made. Before discussing this problem, however, we must distinguish various meanings of letter and spirit.

We must first distinguish three formally different meanings. According to the first, the term “abiding by the letter” designates a failure to distinguish the essential from the nonessential in propositions, moral commandments, or precepts. Thus, in abiding by the letter, one clings to a mere formulation, to something accidental and exterior. This can be for very different motives, as we shall see later on, but the result is always the same—mistaking the surface for the content. “Spirit” here means the real meaning of the proposition or commandment, its essence and true intention.

By “letter” one sometimes refers to actions, and by “spirit,” in the same context, to the underlying motive. A man who abstains from fornication because he is a misogynist, or gives money to the poor merely in order to make an impression, observes the letter of the commandment but fails to fulfill its spirit. Such a discrepancy of “letter” and “spirit” (in this second sense) is, as we know, quite common. Here, abiding by the letter assumes the character of a mere abstention or of acting in conformity with the commandment but without the moral motive and intention.

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March 3, 2011

arbor day foundation, tree hugging, envirofascists churn paper ads for turning people into air pollution

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What’s worse than Soylent Green?

arbor day envirofascists aerisolizing people: creating air pollution, making planet cry, causing global warming


arbor day foundation wastes paper [does not use recycled trees in propaganda], and now burns people we love


does the arbor day foundation hate trees?

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yahoo advertising guidelines restrict religious expression but no moral constraint against sexual deviancy like: homosexual propaganda — yahoo also anti second amendment

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The following categories of ads require additional policy review and approval:
Alcohol, promotions/sweepstakes, political, religious, tobacco products, ads which collect data, pharmaceuticals; other categories as may be designated by Yahoo!.


and yet “no problems” with this:

hmmm.. agenda much, yahoo?


But wait!  There’s more.  Yahoo is not only anti-first amendment.. yahoo is also anti-second amendment:

Yahoo! does not accept display ads for the following products:

… firearms, ammunition …

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