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February 28, 2011

*cough* *cough* smell the daisy

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1×15 Daisy Chain SATA DVD Tower Duplicator … or in a “Daisy-Chain” with up to 60,000 towers!

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firefox bookmarks sanity: show keyword

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Stylish extension much less annoying than editing profile CSS

#editBMPanel_keywordRow {visibility: visible;}
#editBMPanel_descriptionRow {visibility: visible;} 


/* Keyword Addition for Add/Change Bookmark (Fx3) */

"awesome"bar colorify WOW:
less squinty context menu 50+" tv

/* ================================================ */
/* David McRitchie, style 9029, 2008-07-24, updated 2010-02-14 gatekeeper */
@namespace url(;

/* Early Adopters: Your Firefox 3 chrome tweaks are HERE */
/* */
/* Add a keyword when adding a bookmark — finally something for Fx3 */

#editBMPanel_keywordRow, #editBMPanel_descriptionRow,
#editBMPanel_loadInSidebarCheckbox {visibility: visible; }

/* collapse separation between keyword and tags */
#editBMPanel_tagsSelector[collapsed=”true”]{display:none !important;}

"awesome"bar colorify WOW:
less squinty context menu 50+" tv

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February 21, 2011

boxbe disingenuous: lies about unliking yahoo and other webmail with 3rd party auth interface

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February 20, 2011

boxbe disingenuous: lies about unliking yahoo and other webmail with 3rd party auth interface

Filed under: all these — Sagacious Himself @ 7:28 am    allows one to disengage third party service access to yahoo (webmail) accounts.  Boxbe would much prefer users not grasp this simplicity and would rather have one *continue* to erroneously trust boxbe not to peek and webmail contents by “disabling” boxbe access to yahoo webmail via the boxbe control panel

They very likely have the same FALSE advice aboutgmail, and aol webmail.  Wonder why live hotmail is not supported by boxbe.

I prefer to use the much older mail fetching protocols to loop ‘free’ webmail through my own hosted antispam system.


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February 18, 2011

SMS forwarding VSP ITSP VoIP everywhere soon

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Hop on the SMS sunami

If your VSP / ITSP / VoIP provider does not offer SMS forwarding (DID to mobile) find one that does as that’s a new capability litmus test.

Demand at least

  • DID_SMS to mobile phone
  • DID_SMS to email
  • SIP-XMPP one to one
  • SIP-XMPP many to many
  • DID_SMS to SIP/SIMPLE text chat
  • optionally

    DID_SMS to broadcast group

    DID_SMS to audio file (POST, email, IM attach)

    DID_SMS to broadcast voicecall


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    February 5, 2011

    Verizon Wireless survey drones call from 505 999 5100 in response to ZERO likelihood of recommending to friends

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    After rating them zero on a scale of zero to ten(best) on “how likely are you to refer verizon wireless to your friends” I qualified my in regards to their “3g” offering.

    oh, you didn’t notice your “unlimited” “3g” drizzling about the speed of an analog modem?  Verizon likes your kind: pay for service you never use or suffer hegemony.

    Verizon Wireless lost a class action over use of the BlueTooth logo in the v710 phone and not actually supporting bluetooth profiles represented by that logo.  I expect them to lose another over either claim of “unlimited” or “3g”.  Much as with netflix I could not care less about verizon’s other customers.  MY contract for service is with verizon.  I grudgingly pay the thirty dollar monthly extortion and expect that.. surprisingly yes.

    Up until now I haven’t bothered modifying the phone as I had done with every other handset.  At the very least I couldn’t stand the word ‘verizon’ on the lcd.

    But not-subtle throttling of bandwidth to the handset per se is unacceptable.  Verizon has the audacity to want another $30/mo to use the handset as an AP, another $30/mo to use the handset as a tethered modem [+$60/mo], and yet another $30/mo to send/receive unlimited SMS [+$90/mo for the math impaired].  The SMS is the most galling as powering the phone uses more “data” than a “page” of SMS.  SMS doesn’t use 3G… and is an infinitesimal impact on network resources.  Thirty dollars?  Are you high?  Thanks, no, I’ll use xmpp; it’s as instant and preserves sender time stamp very much unlike sms queuing.  Pix n Flix from an HD camera handset is very gay: all HD pixels are raped through the media server.  It’s a brilliant plan:

    safeguard the network from SMS and pix/flix messaging to force people to use “3G” resources and then punish them for using “3G” by throttling the connection to pre interweb non-circuit speeds

    Tmobile renegade they are is offering unlimited data/sms/ap/tethering for $9/mo that would cost $120/mo for verizon wireless users.  Hmmm.  At home I have [symmetric] OC1 speeds. yay.  I like the speed.  My US Robotics Courier I-modem provided more bandwidth than my allegedly “3G” “smart” handset

    Which custom ROM would make the DroidX happiest?  Obviously it’s foolish to leave to phone in rooted state.  Root+ROM will allow nuking of verizon bloatware and the other way to nuke adware –– although if the application developer is intellectually dishonest and morally impared to foist adware as freeware there’s no telling how else he may deem appropriate to abuse hardware to exploit users for his gain. Adblocking is a must have.. at least until there in non-dev non-root user control of application permissions.  See AOSP bugs and star them (at least once):

    See also: Extending android permission model

    Here are some additional issues you should star (at least once):

    reinstate reject call
    cisco friendly ipsec vpn

    lack of wifi proxy

    screen off vs lock device

    email password insecure

    refund window too small

    SDcard encryption


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