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August 17, 2010

free unlimited data on any smart phone with unlimited sms texting plan: using OLD sms texting to circumvent mobile data caps

Do you have “free” unlimited old slow sms texting on your smart mobile plan?

first:  unlimited sms texting is not free.  Plans without old slow sms texting cost less than those otherwise equivalent with it.

  • smart phone app to
    • UUencode data
    • send UUencoded data via sms texting
    • collect multipage sms texts (not mms)
    • decode UUencode
    • save decoded binaries
    • option to create par2 volumes
    • option to encrypt files prior to UUencoding
    • option to intentionally send pages out of order or amongst other sms file texts
  • sms file texting to
    • backup all your photos without using mobile data
    • backup android apps without using mobile data
    • operate as a ‘modem’ to transfer files between computers without invoking mobile data
      • sms file texting tethering
    • stream music to phone without using mobile data

Will work for iOS and android.

Not much unlike my prior post using UUencode to attach binaries to a blog post for blogs either without binary hosting or having exceeded free storage quota

old slow sms file texting

That’s about the only reason to retain old slow sms texting.  On a smart phone you’ve already paid for the mandatory data….. so…. use

xmpp texting

xmpp texting is zero cost:  no money, no privacy rape

xmpp texting is an Open Standard WIDELY used


Sip Simple Texting

sip simple texting or sip texting is zero cost: no money, no privacy rape

sip texting is an Open Standard soon to be WIDELY used

presence: sip texting doesn’t provide presence.  I use xmpp texting alongside sip/sip texting.

contacts:  xmpp texting has a roster,  sip texting uses XCAP or local client

encryption:  xmpp texting can be made 100% private with OTR (Off The Record encryption), sip texting could use otr but no clients afaik do this, sip calling can be encrypted with sRTP with key exchange via zRTP

nat traversal:  xmpp jingle in lieu of sip, but conversation in RTP


For extra points use old slow sms texting to convey xmpp texting stanzas!

  • How providers can help clients
    • expose phone switch power
      • smart phone app to control account AS if IP-PBX
      • actually REJECT calls instead of silencing them, or diverting them, or pickup hangup
      • reduce customer service calls
        • spending less money
        • building infrastructure instead
        • lower service prices for consumers
      • pass/capture CallDivert info
        • OCN available to users no matter which mobile carrier
        • ease customer use of SIP integration
      • customer control of RingBack tones
        • instead of retarded “service” verizon offers
    • real-time access to one’s own [CDR] call history
      • especially for those calls not delivered to the handset
    • customer app control of features currently available only by dial string





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