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February 3, 2010

goal of green environmentalism seems indistinct from Satan

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  • alone: simply (ignoring green society busy work)
  • exposed: shelter construction robs the environment
  • in the cold: not contributing to evil green house gases like co2 or worse dihydrogenmonoxide, the very ones allowing for the self replicating organic infection originally
  • in the dark: electricity generation is anti-environment
  • hungry: taking from the environment is selfish
  • suffering: makes gaia happy
  • isolated: the fewer people the better the environment
  • never breeding: stop the plague of humanity, but do fornicate copulating like wild animals
  • afraid: fear will help you find your place
  • despairing: there is no heavenly father
Let’s work together to reduce the number of people infecting the planet to make a better world for the environment.

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