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January 3, 2010

ah facebook, warnings, good times.. warms the cockles of hearts in many lands

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look at how many people are catching on how to game facebook or simple game facebook gaming

the even lazier ones building on- or simply using the less lazy

remember that one email: ought not ..  flash .. xml .. etc

the myspace response to security related emails is to mash delete related buttons which is not surprising given that their ‘mail’ system allows party A to flag party B for spam in a party A initiated conversation.

@ cheaters: up your skill set when cheating flash games with Cheat Engine — read up on rings, IOS and IDS, too, but don’t become a pediaphile.  And when you have mastered Cheat Engine (extraordinarily unlikely) move onward to WPE Pro.  [AMD fanbois stay home]

don’t, worry, facebook, there are still plenty of cretins who embrace internet voyeurism/exhibitionism for you and your puppet masters to profit in both your short- and long term plans — game if you will.

few seem the have the intellectual capacity to realize the crosslinked nature of exercise of liberty and privacy much less to see the long term consequences of their “I’m not addicted to the interweb” habits.  They’ll probably have the same indifference to their cable/satellite/fttp television provider’s policy for datamining channel watching AND guide use.

Maybe one small upside is the pressure to properly implement mobile tower designs in six-gang instead of cheaping out in four-gang…. another I told you so waiting to crash down on some people your masters would adore meeting.

When you do eventually “lose” your job there’ll be an openining in verizon’s ministry of truthiness, at least in the moca propaganda subdivision for a few years.

Transparency, eh?  It seems very greatleader obama style.  you have covered some of the how but ZERO of the why.  How much trust can you build; it’s not trust you have with the itards.. that’s sometimes else entirely different.  You can haz trusts when you disclose datamining BETWEEN properties… on second thought that might be antithetical to your conditioning.

I wonder how many people would submit TOS/EULA scans to a site documenting the home equivalent of rights atrocities or privacy genocide…

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