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July 31, 2009

itardPhone voicemail sucks

Filed under: irony — Sagacious Himself @ 11:20 am

iphone voicemail sucks so what are you going to do?  nothing.  you can’t


Jesse Ruderman, firefox whiz, overt fan of the needless www host, waxes on the subject not realizing the HTC phone series is a few clicks away

complains that when he misses a call and gets voicemail as a result, the iPhone forces him to click both Recents and Voicemail to clear badges.

So what are you going to do about it?  Nothing likely you have an iphone.  But if you were a developer and hacker like Jesse?

How could Apple address Cronin’s complaint

apparently nothing.  No one can do anything about iphone voicemail sucking.  You iphone itards will have to live in an obamaesque state of hope (lessness).

So go have an obama beer and enjoy the shiny suffering.

HTC phones on the otherhand put USERS in charge.


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