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July 15, 2009

the future of commenting? past come alive: voice

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comments in voice?

even better self destructing short URL service

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self expire short url in time or clicks


can be custom set to expire based on number of clicks or period of time

even better than ephemurl

need more content than I link?  combine sturly with tblurb or disposablewebpage

cross between disposablewebpage and pastebin

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disposeablewebpage alternative


tBlurb links don’t expire, but they have markup.  Get the best of both:  share tBlurb links with ephemurl

tBlurb deleted after 90 days inactivity: no option to auto delete sooner.


need fewer features than or tblurb? then

need more destruction that (or  then


roll in collaberation with want reliability on top of that?


FINALLY a short URL service with self destructing (expiring) feature

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self expire short links

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