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July 12, 2009

google voice is much creepier than gmail

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google voice is much creepier than gmail

creepier than gmail owning a slice of your digital soul through cross correlation of search results, ads, and EVERYBODY you ever interact with on their other platform tools?  Google will cross identify your surfing (through searches and ad presence) and email habits against those of your circle of friends, family, business associates, and website visitors (should you use their widgets);  Should they be unable to identify you per se they certainly will if you volunteer your credit card to purchase international calling minutes.

I spent about an hour with the number picker, got a really really really cool phone number that I am in the midst of porting out.. so it was awesome in that respect only.

Google Voice might seem impressive to someone who has never tinkered with voip.

Better option: Orgasmatron VPS with Vitelity ITSP with and callcentric backups.

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