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July 31, 2009

abstraction layer. windows got it firefox don’t

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It’s three versions overdue.  Firefox needs an extension referee: something to assure exensions, especially poorly designed extensions, play nicely.

Something that compensates for feature collision.  What do you do when three extensions interact with one particular firefox feature?   Nothing.  You obamahope for the best.  That’s no kind of plan.

Why is no one discussing a firefox extension abstraction layer?  Because it’s scary and would require work.  But the Perceived Performance team is working to take the cheating edge from intertardnet explorer.

Like to use tabs?  alot?  20+?  Enjoy the huge ram and cpu demand of firefox when you do?  TooManyTabs can help.  It would be more helpful with an abstraction layer.  It would be even better if firefox would roll greedy, unfocused tabs into the TooManyTabs netherworld.

itardPhone voicemail sucks

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iphone voicemail sucks so what are you going to do?  nothing.  you can’t


Jesse Ruderman, firefox whiz, overt fan of the needless www host, waxes on the subject not realizing the HTC phone series is a few clicks away

complains that when he misses a call and gets voicemail as a result, the iPhone forces him to click both Recents and Voicemail to clear badges.

So what are you going to do about it?  Nothing likely you have an iphone.  But if you were a developer and hacker like Jesse?

How could Apple address Cronin’s complaint

apparently nothing.  No one can do anything about iphone voicemail sucking.  You iphone itards will have to live in an obamaesque state of hope (lessness).

So go have an obama beer and enjoy the shiny suffering.

HTC phones on the otherhand put USERS in charge.

July 15, 2009

the future of commenting? past come alive: voice

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comments in voice?

even better self destructing short URL service

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self expire short url in time or clicks


can be custom set to expire based on number of clicks or period of time

even better than ephemurl

need more content than I link?  combine sturly with tblurb or disposablewebpage

cross between disposablewebpage and pastebin

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disposeablewebpage alternative


tBlurb links don’t expire, but they have markup.  Get the best of both:  share tBlurb links with ephemurl

tBlurb deleted after 90 days inactivity: no option to auto delete sooner.


need fewer features than or tblurb? then

need more destruction that (or  then


roll in collaberation with want reliability on top of that?


FINALLY a short URL service with self destructing (expiring) feature

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self expire short links

July 14, 2009

microsoft privacy policy and kids: guess who doesn’t care

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microsoft doesn’t care about protecting your kids online

Microsoft loves keeping sites up to date.. and of course they have a huge privacy effort..  “protect the kids” visit their information center

oh, wait, you can’t.  it doesn’t exist

thanks microsoft

microsoft privacy feedback;en;1310&ws=1prcen

microsoft customer feedback;en;1316&ws=1prcen

microsoft executive email;en;1311&ws=1prcen


windows live robots;en;1318&ws=1prcen

windows live beta feedback;en;1302&ws=1prcen

sneaky webmail features requests;en;1301&ws=1prcen

questsions about products and services;en;1333&WS=UTM

July 12, 2009

google voice is much creepier than gmail

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google voice is much creepier than gmail

creepier than gmail owning a slice of your digital soul through cross correlation of search results, ads, and EVERYBODY you ever interact with on their other platform tools?  Google will cross identify your surfing (through searches and ad presence) and email habits against those of your circle of friends, family, business associates, and website visitors (should you use their widgets);  Should they be unable to identify you per se they certainly will if you volunteer your credit card to purchase international calling minutes.

I spent about an hour with the number picker, got a really really really cool phone number that I am in the midst of porting out.. so it was awesome in that respect only.

Google Voice might seem impressive to someone who has never tinkered with voip.

Better option: Orgasmatron VPS with Vitelity ITSP with and callcentric backups.

July 10, 2009

much needed search engine features: learn the spam I wish to avoid

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server side search engine spam result filtering.. hueristic?

Sure, there are some nifty greasemonkey UserScripts for hiding undesirable search results.  I don’t want to see evil blog scrapers (IP piracy).  I don’t want to see offers to buy illegal drugs when researching a drug.

Learn what I do NOT want to see and NOT-return it for my query.  This need not require signin and microsoft’s new BING engine implies.   Hueristic server side search engine filtering is a must have especially as it would be cheaper than hiring assassins to find and kill spammers.

[IE8 sucks: no native FORM spell checking as you type]



July 9, 2009

some search engine summaries are more entertaining than articles often more enlightening

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US-CERT has never been a vista fan but now provides directions on sabotaging vista and discouraging itards


US-CERT encourages administrators to perform the following actions to help iTunes crashes Windows Vista when an iPod or iPhone is connected to the PC


090709 some search engine summaries.


July 8, 2009

import from picasa with lightroom

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import from picasa with lightroom

not quite there yet

Jeffrey’s “Export to PicasaWeb” Lightroom Plugin

yay use both.. redundancy is fun?

google is no help.. big surprise

July 6, 2009 will protect you from spammers that are not paying otherinbox

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otherinbox: spam fox guarding your hen house


We may make the email addresses of our users available to other organizations whose products or services we think you may find interesting. If you supply us with your postal address online or we receive it through one of our relationships, you may, receive mailings from other third party companies. These third party companies may use the information that you provide to OtherInbox or OtherInbox receives from other sources to deliver you mailings with offers about goods and services that may be of interest to you. We use a third party company to distribute our offers.



gmail filter repository

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where is gmail filter repository?

nothing like SpamAssassin Rules Emporium has turned up yet


to stay competitive gmail now needs to add

+ a analog
+ properly support IMAP4 flags
+ fine grain spam rules (no, not filters)
+ x-header support in filters
+ actual wildcard support


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