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June 11, 2009

on the alleged “science” of psychology

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the practiced art of psychology is brain damaging

There is a relationship between the mind and the brain, but this relationship is almost completely unknown and not understood. The same is true for any chemical reactions or events that occur concurrent with imagination, thoughts or feelings. There is some relationship, but it is poorly understood. In fact, the entire framework of the relationship is poorly conceived. Modern “scientific” fields, since they haven’t been able to study or detect these things with the physical senses or laboratory measuring devices have taken a drastic leap and declared that these things therefore don’t exist. They have therefore asserted that these things don’t deserve recognition, and should be ignored in any “legitimate” study of man, the mind, and human behavior. John Watson, a typical behavioral psychologist had this to say:

The extent to which most of us are shot through with a savage background is almost unbelievable…. One example of such a religious concept is that every individual has a soul which is separate and distinct from the body…. No one has ever touched a soul, or seen one in a test tube, or has in any way come into relationship with it as he has with the other objects of his daily experience ….

The behaviorist asks: Why don’t we make what we can observe the real field of psychology? Let us limit ourselves to things that can be observed, and formulate laws concerning only those things. Now what can we observe? We can observe behavior – what the organism does or says. And let us point out at once: that saying is doing – that is, behaving. . . – John Watson, behaviorist

Strangely, the study of the mind has come into the peculiar position of being a study that denies the mind! That’s like biology denying the existence of biological organisms, but going on pretending to still be the science of biological organisms while actually dealing with something else entirely. A subject can’t exist if it denies the very basis of its own existence by definition. That is the state of modern western psychology and psychiatry. Mmmm? They can’t and shouldn’t exist, but they do. The entire structure of these subjects as they currently exist is a sham. ‘free’ toolbars and regsitry abuse

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REGISTRYEDITOR: function() {
EBWindows_CT[account].WindowsShellExecute(‘regedit.exe’, null, true);

pop3 but no imap4 support?  😦

fun license tidbits

Conduit retains the exclusive right: (i) to determine which Toolbar Components, Hosted Toolbar Pages or tools will be available for the use of Publisher in the Environment; (ii)  to add or remove the Toolbar Components or other tools from the Environment or change the settings and/or appearance of the Environment at any given time, without prior notice to Publisher; and (iii) dynamically update the Environment and/or Toolbar Components and/or Toolbar software versions, without prior notice to Publisher.


medical news until it’s now

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sounds like Reuters…

more than 400 news stories in just two days reported that a study had found conclusive evidence that fast food makes children stupid and lowers their school tests scores. How many journalists do you think actually went to the original source and read the study?


How can we be so sure?

Because there is no published study in a peer-reviewed journal. There was no ability for educational or health professionals, let alone a journalist, to examine the research and its methodology, data and interpretations.

How much money does it take to buy your child’s educational curriculum?


That’s all it took to get curriculum standards for our nation’s schools published, as well as policies “to fight childhood obesity and promote healthy eating and physical activity” developed and mandated in schools by State Boards of Education… without any sound evidence that they are effective or safe.

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