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June 9, 2009

psychiatrists, snake oil salesmen in essence, admit ineffectiveness of antidepressants for most of their patients… so close to admitting their non-science is as pointless

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placebo effective at treating vast majority of depression patients

why do so many insist on refering to this quackery as science or even medicine?

stellarium more free than planetarium

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a free open source planetarium for your computer. It shows a realistic sky in 3D, just like what you see with the naked eye, binoculars or a telescope.
It is being used in planetarium projectors. Just set your coordinates and go.

yay stellarium

I’m still waiting for something that will print charts onto transparencies to be held at arm’s length to map the sky by eye

will BobSpam spam me?

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let’s find out

setup a virgin hotmail-, aim-, or mail account — each offers free POP3 access.   gmail is still evil.

singup for BobSpam 30 day trial:

login to webmail account a few times a month… for a few months and see how much mail past initial contact with bobspam I receive…

adsweep, the other adblock for chrome: yet another reminder to download adblocking technology missing from googe browser

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first:  STOP using chrome.   No, this is not about firefox.  This is about privacy.

Use Chromium… a particular build of Chromium.  Chrome is a build of Chromium; it’s all about the information harvesting.  Iron is a build of Chromium.

Iron Chromium is what you REALLY WANT: , click American flag, software, iron, download, click, wait brief seconds at 144 Mbits/sec, run setup, clickity click, run Iron.  Enjoy the same experience as Chrome without the Faustian hand-off to google.


which itself ironically has banner ads (the site and not the product).


ads mostly gone.  sure, it’s nowhere near as awesome as the tools for Firefox* but it’s certainly MUCH better than the unmaintained, adblock format based on a FanBoy blocklist Iron Chromium offers in its native adblock engine with SRware’s adblock.ini …  AdSweep is a big help … though I am CONFIDENT SRware will patch up their native adblock engine and integrate it with the context menu (for easy right click on ANY ad / annoyance for quick blocking across sessions)

compare Iron Chromium to Chrome Chromium


Iron Chromium portable — the only stable portable version of Chromium


SUBSTANTIAL difference between Iron’s adblock.ini and AdSweepers extension / user script

AdSweep HIDES ads with CSS

adblock.ini BLOCKS ads with pixie dust


AdSweep does NOT enhance your privacy.   While the current incarnation of Firefox and greasemonkey and AdSweep rely on the page completely loading, unlike Chromium, future versions of Greasemonkey alledgedly will be able to act pre-render of the page.  yay!




AdBlock Plus
AdBlock Plus Element Hiding Helper
Remove It Permanently
Yet Another Remove It Permanently
RefControl – default set to Forge



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“emergency” broadcast system test interrupts newt gingrich speech on C-Span

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Cannot imagine that happenning when Greatleader is speaking…

voight calls for end of obama opression on C-Span monday night

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later .. ~ “the same people who brought us the DMV now want to build cars”

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