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June 2, 2009

westell 9100em media hairpining?

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maybe, but plenty of (SIP) ALG trauma

NXP TV543 — hello developers? TVersity to HDTV made easy… or PNX5120 .. new HD LCDs have built-in ethernet ports

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ethernet H.264 / MPEG-2 to TV _ Philips NXP HDTV|pp=%5Bt=aip,i=456%5D

IPTV and plays well with DLNA


— why wait for developers to produce a LOW COST “media extender”? NEW Philips HD LCDs sport built-in ethernet ports!! oooh

PNX5120 (series 9000 LCDs)

• PNX8543 Video and аudio processor
• PNX5120 HD-NM FHD 100Hz Video Back-End Processor
• EP3C25F324C7N FPGA (“Local Contrast”)
• HD1816AF Hybrid Tuner
• DRX3926K Demodulator DVB-T,DVB-C
• TDA9996 HDMI Switch
• TPA3123D2PWP Class D Power Amplifier
• DP83816AVNG PCI ethernet media access controller and physical layer (MacPhyter-II).





how to convert powerpoint slideshow (pps) to PDF — extract all images from PDF

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how to convert powerpoint slideshow to PDF __ convert PPS to PDF free __ extract images from PDF

sign in to evil-google

open google documents

upload PPS file

download as PDF file

easy… google now owns a slice of your digital soul

optionally extract all images with SomePDF image extract

optionally extract ImageExtract from needless installation wrapper (setup program) with Universal Extractor


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