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June 1, 2009

spintronics femtosecond hard drive a data pipe dream

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femtosecond data pipe dream hard drive

spintronics yay? 

device availability speculation has only been happening for more than a decade

Colossal Storage has had a few patent on petabyte spintronics hard drives since 2000:



naturally employing CYA grammar the speculation continued:

could prove to be either an advantage or a disadvantage for future spintronic technologies.


Well before then Ratheon (US gov) was experimenting with biological storage mediums.

SLC SSD is the now- and  future replacement of HDD, the slowest component in today’s desktops.  Holographic storage will replace both bloootardray and HD-DVD (the current winner despite the hype).  Inphase Technologies has already demonstrated 500 Gb/in

> ten years back: When a teenager attempts to build a breeder reactor

the USSR plan of destroying education from within has succeeded: we now have a Marxist as Executive in Chief.  Both China and the once former USSR now wag their respective fingers at us.


verizon makes it easy to use neighbor’s FIOS

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Verizon fires laser into foot with FIOS CPE defaults

abandon the sinking RoadRunner infrastructure ship… as much as verizon sucks FIOS is the better choice (as long as there are no install glitches or funky flags)

someone, Kyle Anderson, as I warned would take the time to correlate SSID to key:

The foolish default state of BOTH residential- and business FIOS (FTTP as opposed to superior ARCH) CPE is WEP with “random” SSID/key assignments on (raped) OpenRG with mixed hardware.  Brilliant.  WEP has been cracked for how long now?  Why not default to WAP in WPA2-PSK AES or at least WAP off?  No, that would make sense, and require end users to understand the technology they use.  In verizon-l0gik potentially awesome CPE is further crippled with feasture limitation-, Microsoft style “are you sure”-, SEVERE bugs some basic QA would catch, phenominally poor L1 tech ‘support’ (to upsell $150/yr premium soho tech consultation), [ad infinitem it seems] ..

Kyle’s FIOS Wireless Cracking Tool (coralized to save Kyle bandwidth)

Kyle’s FIOS Wireless Cracking Tool v2 (coralized)

Comnically FIOS 50/20 package has some other issues like 45Mb/s links that will cause more fun down the line (pun intended)

Motivate verizon to correct FIOS CPE by letting your neighbors cover your ultraband internet costs for the next few months:


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free XP n2n compile to compete with hamachi?

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almost hamachi alternative: n2n  (EPC-Virtual Multiplayer Lan [alpha]) [client, no supernode (server)]

1. The TAP adapter is from the OpenVPN package. ( there are some vista 64 issues afaik ) [[Himself will test windows 7 (vista sp3)  when SLC SSD >64g is available on a BIOS-flexible ASUS mobo with 16+g of RAM .. for future >8 stream CableCard applications]]
2. the DHCP server & network is a service provided by [pieterbaarlo].
3. the Gui is only a gui written in realbasic, and a frontend to the following tools.
4. the n2n core is created by
5. forcebindip is created by

XP n2n gui alternative:

n2n allows use of any private address per RFC1918

n2n supernode in VMWare seems entertaining… I’ll toy with that in a bit



edit 100102 here is a another one of those alternative lists from a blog focused on LAN games over the internet:

— and lo n2n atop his list, too —


and back to Himself:

tunnelier as SOCKs proxy for CopSSH — at least great for interweb cafe free-spots

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