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May 23, 2009

increpate yahoo gone?

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yahoo AddressGuard goneness

really?  someone is already using increpate as his yahoo AddressGuard base? hmmmm

AddressGuard is worth everycent I’ve spent on it.  Not nearly the convenience of SpamGourmet and nowhere near the power of TMDA, but no discernible bandwidth limit (yet?)


aaron: open DNS resolvers

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open DNS resolvers… mmmm poison


edit: see also Pirate bay P2P DNS, dot-p2p

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moca fios and E300-DPH548 or pay third party for cat5e runs?

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fios moca?  this millennium meets last millennium

choose your pain.. either way fios support is as cretinous as TWC… but both are better than commiecast.  wireless-N is great, like 802.11a, until all your neighbors have it, too

let the coax ethernet bridge fun commence.. at my expense as usual

FCC claims power to enter home without warrant to inspect wireless equipment

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FCC claims fascist powers date back to 1934

If you come into my home unannounced at night you WILL BE SHOT DEAD.

Please, bring a warrant and ring the bell first.

My power comes from the much older and actually valid Second Amendment.


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