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April 24, 2009

netgear facetiously compares EVA9150 to xbox360 – does not bother comparing to XBMC

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EVA9150 nearly a match for XBMC on xbox360

Cute chart, netgear, but I did not buy my xbox360 for its native features.  I bought it to use XBMC for my media on MY terms and it happens to play games.  Having DRM is a sale killer.

The sata drive bay is a nice touch, though when combined with docking station. It natively can take advantage of my 802.11a.

If freedom to tinker is mostly meaningless to you (making you mostly feckless) then EVA9150 migth be a match for you… as long as you’re fine with crippled support for matroska d’oh… or you aren’t bothered by a whole host of other problems that are sure to be “addressed” in classic netgear style (ignore them to death):


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