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April 5, 2009

Google FX: banishing wicked-ia from results

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banish wiki*dia from google FX user script

open the user script in your favority non-notepade, non-wordpad text editor (like vi)

Find the one instance of  “wikiPanel();” around line 2982 and comment it out to banish evil from the right panel thusly:

// wikiPanel();

to remove the wicked-ia linkage from the extra engine list atop the page nullify the wiki*dia from the array around line 303:

	Wiki      :[''      ,'/wiki/Special:Search?go=go&search='	],

this will also prevent google fx from spawning a search tab with wiki*dia results


ahhh no more wiki*dia

to remove wicked-ia from search results use one of these fine user scripts

google search filter plus


google noise reduction

^ also fantastic for removing junk sites.  the former has excellent wild card support

where’s the new AdBrick?

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AdBrick almost > IEpro

does your trunk box of money email contain

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free money for sale

X-Yahoo-Newman-Property: calendar-invite

you have a complimentary red flag

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