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March 30, 2009

Protected: circumvent hulu geoip location filter

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hulu gems

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hulu certainly does NOT need to store flash shared objects (SOL : flash cookies)

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DENY hulu the privilege of storing flash shared objects (SOL) in your Local Storage

DENY the privilege of using local storage for flash



Flash settings manager is NOT capable enough.  flash player hack?  Currently it only sports a whitelist:.



DRM urinates on the American way.  STOP hollyfascism in its tracks at hulu.  Thankfully no elaborate tools are required.  Obviously, though not to the cretins, my objective is not piracy.

[105% NoSquint zoom had been in effect prior to all screen captures]

block ALL hulu ads with ONE adblock plus filter

stop spoon feeding your soul to google via myspace: cancel your myspace account

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Stop spoon feeding your soul to google. Log into your my space, click ‘my account’, ‘account’, ‘cancel account’, tick ‘I am concerned about privacy’, ‘cancel account’, confirm, click the link in the spam my space sends you, and for the last time (hopefully) ‘cancel my account’, you are now a little less enslaved to google but they still have archives of EVERYTHING you have ever done with myspace. If you’re using gmail you’ll need to cancel that, too.

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