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March 29, 2009

Protected: block ALL hulu ads with ONE adblock plus filter

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blocking ALL hulu ads with merely FOUR adblock plus filters

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yes, only four filters will kill all interstitial hulu ads.. mwahaha

configurable security policy joy

.. taking advantage of the hollywoodifizing of browser technology 😉

Circumventing hollyfascism is trivial. The hollyfascists will never win.

Configurable Security Policy (CAPS) extension for firefox oh so close

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rally the troops… please? Sure this is an OLD idea. Is now it’s time?

link to evil-google withheld

NoScript is only a tiny slice the user’s CONTROL

Though extensive RT content filters ought not be happenning within the browser: use hardware appliances for that.

This will be my last Microsoft OS laptop (XP).

MY hardware MY rules. Mine is the last word.

digsby needs OTR

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2/6/32 pk 4/1.5

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