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March 30, 2009

Protected: circumvent hulu geoip location filter

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

hulu gems

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hulu certainly does NOT need to store flash shared objects (SOL : flash cookies)

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DENY hulu the privilege of storing flash shared objects (SOL) in your Local Storage

DENY the privilege of using local storage for flash



Flash settings manager is NOT capable enough.  flash player hack?  Currently it only sports a whitelist:.



DRM urinates on the American way.  STOP hollyfascism in its tracks at hulu.  Thankfully no elaborate tools are required.  Obviously, though not to the cretins, my objective is not piracy.

[105% NoSquint zoom had been in effect prior to all screen captures]

block ALL hulu ads with ONE adblock plus filter

stop spoon feeding your soul to google via myspace: cancel your myspace account

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Stop spoon feeding your soul to google. Log into your my space, click ‘my account’, ‘account’, ‘cancel account’, tick ‘I am concerned about privacy’, ‘cancel account’, confirm, click the link in the spam my space sends you, and for the last time (hopefully) ‘cancel my account’, you are now a little less enslaved to google but they still have archives of EVERYTHING you have ever done with myspace. If you’re using gmail you’ll need to cancel that, too.

March 29, 2009

Protected: block ALL hulu ads with ONE adblock plus filter

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This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below:

blocking ALL hulu ads with merely FOUR adblock plus filters

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yes, only four filters will kill all interstitial hulu ads.. mwahaha

configurable security policy joy

.. taking advantage of the hollywoodifizing of browser technology 😉

Circumventing hollyfascism is trivial. The hollyfascists will never win.

Configurable Security Policy (CAPS) extension for firefox oh so close

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rally the troops… please? Sure this is an OLD idea. Is now it’s time?

link to evil-google withheld

NoScript is only a tiny slice the user’s CONTROL

Though extensive RT content filters ought not be happenning within the browser: use hardware appliances for that.

This will be my last Microsoft OS laptop (XP).

MY hardware MY rules. Mine is the last word.

digsby needs OTR

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2/6/32 pk 4/1.5

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Click to access fiorinal_cod.pdf

March 27, 2009

prepare yourself apple fan: coming soon to an iTard center near you iShine

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iShine keeps all  your apple products shiny

and in Eastern markets:  iShinii

iShine revision2 will be able to make your apple product shiny even if it was not originally shiny.  Keep the most important part of your apple product in perfect condition.

In poverty stricken iTard markets:  uShine – you are accustomed to hard daily manual labor.  Why stop working?  uShine all your gizmos yourself and pay for the privilege!

[insert video here soon]

March 26, 2009

yahoo webmail increases filters from 15 to 100

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yahoo webmail is now slightly less useless on the management front — yahoo still wins with unlimited storage unlike evil-gmail

15 filters was akin to being trapped at 6 megs of storage for the entire account.  With hotmail offering free POP3 for everyone yahoo cannot be too far behind (AOL aim webmail offers free POP3 and free IMAP4)

All yahoo, hotmail, aim, and even evil-gmail benefit from adding boxbe to the mix for unwanted email management

salvia – new teen hallucinogen drug menace

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salvia teens using hallucinogenics to cull own population – the new chlorine for the gene pool

and don’t worry parents.. there are plenty of druggy sites to give instructions

Level – 3 “L” stands for LIGHT visionary state. Closed-eye visuals (clear imagery with eyes closed: fractal patterns, vine-like and geometric patterns, visions of objects and designs). The imagery is often two dimensional. If open-eyed visual effects occur, these are usually vague and fleeting. At this level, phenomena similar to the hypnagogic phenomena that some people experience at sleep onset occur. At this level, visions are experienced as “eye candy” but are not confused with reality.


what’s the solution for drug fascists?  whitelisting of course.  duh.

Please send me a check for this brilliance.  Since you people didn’t implement the simple solution to abolish all spam for all time I don’t expect the deliberately ineffective ‘war’ on drugs to adopt simplicity either.

March 25, 2009

oral sex is, gasp, sex – STDs for all … HPV for both – virginity preseved through abstinence is the best choice

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Having oral sex while ‘avoiding’ intercourse?  How’s that logical or viable?  Certainly you will not be bringing new human life into existence only to slaughter him in selfish indifference via your orgiastic hedonism, but you both are exposing yourself to HPV: cervical cancer for her, and throat-, or penile cancer for him.  Was that orgasm worth it?,2933,336749,00.html

At least one in four teenage girls nationwide has a sexually transmitted disease, or more than 3 million teens, according to the first study of its kind in this age group.

Among girls who admitted ever having sex, the rate was 40 percent. While some teens [ERRANTLY] define sex as only intercourse, other types of intimate behavior including oral sex can spread some infections.


HPV is smaller than the pores in any condom wall: HPV can and will penetrate this barrier


There are other forms of HPV which are also sexually transmitted, and are a serious problem. These are; HPV-16, HPV-18, HPV-31, and HPV-45. These cancer-associated types of HPV’s cause growths that usually appear flat and are nearly invisible, as compared with the warts caused by HPV-6 and HPV-11. A scanning electron microscope image of one human papilloma virus. Two types of genital tract HPV in particular, HPV 16 and HPV 18, are known to cause up to 95% of cervical cancers, and new studies show that they may be linked to oral cancer as well.


FDA approves genetic test for identifying human papillomavirus

^^^ no sex: no std

virginity is the best state until marriage



april 22nd is burn stuff for the earth day

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burn ecofascists and hippies off the earth day

get a 55 gallon drum

add various delightful fuels
(obviously fossil based as they’re the only extant energy source other than awesome nuclear)

toss in carboard boxes, democrat posters, rainbow flags, (and cash once hyper inflatiobama  sets in), a peta mascot animal or two, and maybe some tofu

keep the fire burning all day and night to keep the manmadeglobalwarming scree slingers at bay in the peripheral (intellectual) darkness

if you care for the earth like the ecofacists jump in the fire until you remove your carbon “footprint” entirely


kill yourself for the planet

kill yourself for the planet - most of the world will thank you

March 24, 2009

voip nat classification 2005

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Network Address Translation (NAT) Behavioral Requirements for Unicast UDP

your wackadoo router

straw men

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Recently, I noticed a similarity between atheists and homosexuals that
hadn’t occurred to me before. It has to do with the way they wage their
wars. Basically, they erect straw men, put words in their straw mouths, and
then engage in battle with these creatures they’ve cobbled together with
spit and glue.

It just seems to me that it’s high time we began setting the record
straight. To begin with, there is no such thing as homophobia. A phobia is
defined as a fear or anxiety that exceeds normal proportions. Concocting the
word was simply a rather sly way of suggesting that it is heterosexuals who
are deviant. The other lie that is parroted with some frequency is that
those who don’t fully support the gay agenda are most likely latent
homosexuals, which is supposed to suggest, I assume, that lurking inside
every heterosexual man is an interior decorator screaming to get out and do
something about those curtains.

Odd, isn’t it, that you never hear about latent heterosexuals?
Even the ancient Greeks, to whom modern-day gays enjoy comparing themselves,
never engaged in anything quite as bizarre as same-sex marriages.
The proof that heterosexual men aren’t all sitting around fantasizing being
seduced by Boy George or Richard Chamberlain is that every heterosexual man
I know prefers having his cavity worked on by a dentist than by a

Homosexuals like to picture themselves as the innocent victims of the
oppressive majority. The recent unpleasantness on behalf of same-sex
marriages doesn’t happen to be a response to laws depriving gays of any
rights or privileges to which they are otherwise entitled. They are as free
as they’ve always been to marry members of the opposite sex. For several
millenniums, everyone has understood marriage to mean the sacred union of a
man and a woman. I have asked on more than one occasion if the institution
of marriage is to be turned on its head to accommodate the ludicrous demands
of a very small number of people, on what moral or legal basis does society
than deny fathers and daughters, mothers and sons, or, say, your cousin
Phyllis and a dozen Elvis impersonators, from tying the knot. If the parties
merely need to be consenting adults, on what basis could you prevent Hugh
Hefner and his bevy of blonde companions from pledging their troth before
man and God? I have yet to receive a response.

One other point should be made. In spite of all the rioting and all the
whining in the wake of Proposition 8, only a few thousand same-sex marriages
have taken place in Massachusetts, Connecticut or even here in California,
where it was permitted for a while. And most of those marriages involved
lesbians. Yet the way their male counterparts have been carrying on, you’d
have thought the gay bars had all been padlocked.

This brings us to atheists and their own brand of hypocrisy and lies. It’s
silly enough when they feel they can use logic to disprove the existence of
God. But it’s worse when in voicing their angry opposition to organized
religion, they begin sounding exactly like the religious zealots they claim
to despise.

Still, it’s when they begin blaming all the evils of the world on religion
that my own sense of reason and logic kick in. Inevitably, they bring up the
Spanish Inquisition, as if the new year we just rang in was 1478. Ask them
to make a slightly more contemporary case and they’ll bring up Nazi Germany
with a “gotcha” gleam in their eye. While it’s true that Germany had been a
traditionally Christian nation, Hitler was neither German nor Christian. He
and his followers were pagans. They didn’t march and murder under the cross
of Jesus Christ, but under the swastika of Adolph Hitler.

Whenever atheists blame religion for causing most of the world’s mass
murders, they merely prove that they’re not only bigots, but ignoramuses.
While nobody knows exactly how many millions of innocent people have been
butchered in the past 90 years, we do know that the vast majority died at
the hands of Stalin, Hitler, Mao and Pol Pot, atheists all.
The only exceptions to that rule, of course, are those who have been gassed,
beheaded and blown up, by the Muslim faithful. And yet Islam, interestingly
enough, is the one religion that doesn’t seem to enrage atheists! Could the
reason possibly be that, for all their huffing and puffing about how awful
all religions are, even the atheists understand that Jewish and Christian
martyrs will die for their beliefs, whereas Islamics will kill you for


townhall has adopted an unpleasant scree of javascript: signup floater,/townhall/NLSignUp.js

hooray for CAPS (Configurable Security Policies) and greasemonkey in firefox!  or nuke it entirely with AdBlock Plus

HPV 16 18 and oral cancer

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condoms cannot block HPV

Squamous cell carcinoma of the oral cavity and pharynx accounts for over 34,000 cases per year in the United States with approximately 8,000 deaths per year(1,2). Unfortunately, the diagnosis continues to rely on patient presentation and physical examination with biopsy confirmation. This may result in delay in diagnosis accounting for the fact that the majority of these cancers are diagnosed at a late stage (1, 3-5). Studies confirm that survival does correlate with stage, making early diagnosis and treatment optimal for this disease….

….New data related to the HPV16 virus may indicate that these trends are changing…

Current research indicates that HPV positive disease is rapidly changing these ratios and age groups. Younger, non smoking patients under the age of 50 are the fastest growing segment of the oral cancer population.



March 22, 2009

new chromium: Iron

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stop aids: stop fucking ((,) assholes)

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What percentage of people not having sex contract an STD from having sex?  zero percent.

What percentage of condoms fail? 17%

What percentage of children are slaughtered by femal “birth” control (abortifacients)?  anything over zero is too high

What’s the most effective way to avoid spreading STDs? Stop abusing sexuality: nothing queer, no faggotry, no fornication, no unloving sexual acts.

ALL STDS are 100% preventable.  AIDS research is an abhorrent WASTE of money.  Spend that money on something beneficial like child cancer research.

March 20, 2009

why buy an imatardPhone when there’s HTC?

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HTC reveals the folly of purchasing an itardphone to some of the dim users

direct011 hubris – brazen hacker proof claims rewarded

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brazen hacker proof claims rewarded




March 18, 2009

is Asus EeePC the modern toshiba libretto?

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March 17, 2009

awesome link of the day

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goog-411 disingenuous about caller ANI – caller id blocking fruitless

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google free 411 disingenuous about caller ANI

using star codes to block caller id will NOT prevent an ANI enabled line from fetching your information.

If you choose to connect to a business through the GOOG-411 service, your caller ID information will become visible to that business. We do not share your information with anyone except in the limited circumstances as outlined in our [alleged] privacy policy.

To avoid having any information associated with your phone number in the future, just block your caller ID before you call. With many phone services, you can do this by dialing *67 before the phone number. In most cases, you can also block your number through the menus on your mobile phone. For specific details on how to block your caller ID, contact your service provider. [be sure not to ask them about ‘Automatic Number Identification’]

“we won’t harvest your caller-id using ANI, honest, even if you block it, cuz we can’t see it then, but we’ll be able to pass it onto the next party”

google: powered by hippies with new money

more amusing: goog-411 sucks in comparison to microsoft’s offering: 800-2255-411 (800-CALL-411)

try it: or with one of these SIP URI

other free toll free termincation providers

don’t like gizmo/skype? is a pure flash (to you) SIP client

worship at the google altar? dial away otherwise use the SIP URI for goog to try it without being tracked and catalogged.

March 16, 2009

awesome link of the day

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want a DNSreport alternative?

March 10, 2009

the Lazarus extension has competition: Textarea Cache

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when extensions do not play well together firefox is more likely to crash

Lazarus: firefox extension – save text area fields for heavily extensionized profiles

Textarea Cache: firefox extension – new kid on the block


neither features a blacklist (whitelist)

how to grab flickr pics instead of the transparent image block

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CTRL+Shift+V to liberate media (formerly CTRL+Shift+B)

by request.. again

firefox with adblock plus installed

visit image page


search: ?v

pick first result, right click, open in new tab, download pic

March 3, 2009

thanks FEBE for wiping out my profile backup archive

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FEBE I could throttle you

It was pure jeanyus to change the default backups to keep from 0, my setting, to 3 AND wipe existing copies.  Fantastic!

Cannot wait to see how FEBE borks firefox next

March 1, 2009

less annoying ‘free’ signups — thanks greasemonkey

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@include        *

unsafeWindow.checkdata = function(){return true;};
unsafeWindow.validateCC = function(){return true;};
unsafeWindow.validateLUHN = function(){return true;};


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