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February 12, 2009

yahoo ‘health’ endorses promoting homosexuality to teens

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yahoo promotes faggotry:  ‘pride’–7633BCBB-E7FF-0DBD-1568B4A425959D57.html

Can two girls have sex? Or two boys? For some children, it might be enough to say: “Yes. There are many types of intimate relationships.” If your children want to know more, you might take the opportunity to talk about respect for others or to share your personal thoughts about homosexuality.

how foolish are myspace users? NEVER buy raped music: mp3s are only acceptable for free

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Open letter to snocap: mp3s are only acceptable for free the iTardtoons for myspace is hocking mp3s.  yay?

NO.  Money ought fetch FIDELITY music:  DVD audio, CD audio, or FLAC

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