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February 28, 2009

yahoo mail tech support

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yahoo webmail tech support

new interface

old interface


Mail Classic changelog


February 27, 2009

Ghostbustin 911 – sucks the fun right out of ghosts

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Ghostbustin 911

February 26, 2009

frightening toys for infants: start those nightmares early

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frightening toys for infants

Monkey Bat

toys to terrorize tots

toys to terrorize tots

aspiring mad scientist: child biological weapons kit

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aspiring mad child scientist biological weapons kits

“keep it taped shut.  you really don’t want to open it again” *wink* *wink*

for the WMD builders of tomorrow

for the WMD builders of tomorrow



not to worry.. the US government tells kids how to make homemade agar to grow WMD of the future:

no mad scientist child can compete in today’s weapons market without gel electrophoresis skills

To build your gel electrophoresis chamber you will need:

  • Plastic travel soap box, or other sturdy, rectangular, plastic box
  • Stainless steel wire, the gauge should be no larger than 18 and no smaller than 24
  • Wire cutters
  • 9-volt batteries (5)
  • Alligator clip leads (2); Radio Shack part #278-1156 or another similar product
  • StyrofoamT tray or flat piece; the Styrofoam tray that grocery store meat is packaged in works well.
  • Scissors

practice DNA extraction on onions:


Do not let the algore cult control the weather exclusively!  Practice the art of weather control with DIY snow:



February 20, 2009

amazon catering to green fascism: no unbleached sugar

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amazon catering to green fascism

the sour tinge of hypocrisy … maybe they need to buy more carbon “credits” as retribution


remember: corn syrrup is nowhere near as natural as arsenic is!

February 16, 2009

AnyColor Theme: water drops –

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AnyColor Theme: water drops

Grab this image by sebarex:

top image: crop height to 200 pixels

bottom image: crop height to 60 pixels

upload two images somewhere safe, coralize URLs, feed to AnyColor extension


making Corel Painter X.1 suck less (bye drm)

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bye corel drm resource hog


Since version XI of PSP, “Protexis” drm software (PIS service.exe) is installed with the software. Even removing PSPXI does not take it out. This drm software is also installed with PaintShop Pro X2 (PSPX2), CorelDrawX3 (CDX3) and CorelMediaOne 2 (CMO2).

For some users, this PIS Sevice.exe eats up so much CPU usage on their PC that they give up and never upgrade their software to newer versions.

The following post gives a step-by-step guide to remove Protexis (i.e. reduce CPU usage) and at the same time ensure the new version of PSPX2 functions normally.

I have extended the step-by-step guide to CDX3 and CMO2 too.

1. Install Program  (do not run it)

2. Goto the install program files folder
%programfiles%\Corel\[corel product]

3. Delete PsiClient.dll from the program files folder (back it up first or rename if you might want to reverse this procedure)

[Repeat Step 3 for all three programs before go to Step 4]

4. Goto C:\Windows\System32 and find PSIKey.dll

5. Copy PSIKey.dll to the install program files folder in Step 2.
5. Rename PSIKey.dll to PsiClient.dll
[Repeat Step 5 for all three programs before go to Step 6]

6. Click Start->Run and enter: services.msc
6. Find the ProtexistLicensing service, stop the service, and disable it

7. Click Start-> Run and enter: sc delete ProtexisLicensing
to remove ProtexisLicensing from Services list

8. Go back to C:\Windows\System32

9. Delete the files: PSIService.exe and PSIKey.dll

pretty easy….and works. Of course if you add service pack to program later this protexsis will be installed again. Re-do the above steps again to get rid of Protexis.

update: for PaintShopPro the directions vary slightly (untested) as I have a licese for photoshop

  • stop- and disable  the Protexis Licensing V2 sevice
  • open directory C:\Program Files\Common Files\Protexis\License Service
  • Rename PsiService_2.exe to PsiService_2.byteme
  • Copy PSIKey_2.dll to C:\Program Files\Corel\Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
  • Rename PsiClient.dll to PsiClient.byteme
  • Rename PSIKey_2.dll to PsiClient.dll

February 13, 2009

CISCO in 1974 San Franciso

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[image here]


February 12, 2009

yahoo ‘health’ endorses promoting homosexuality to teens

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yahoo promotes faggotry:  ‘pride’–7633BCBB-E7FF-0DBD-1568B4A425959D57.html

Can two girls have sex? Or two boys? For some children, it might be enough to say: “Yes. There are many types of intimate relationships.” If your children want to know more, you might take the opportunity to talk about respect for others or to share your personal thoughts about homosexuality.

how foolish are myspace users? NEVER buy raped music: mp3s are only acceptable for free

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Open letter to snocap: mp3s are only acceptable for free the iTardtoons for myspace is hocking mp3s.  yay?

NO.  Money ought fetch FIDELITY music:  DVD audio, CD audio, or FLAC

February 11, 2009

a new inappropriate use for IM: random chat via geoIP proximity

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new inappropriate use for IM: random chat via geoIP proximity

if you thought stalkers were bad before…

why won’t you join the protest against GeoIP micronetblocksDEMAND your ISP issue you an IP address from a non geographically associated netblock

@ ISP:  you could charge for this privacy (restoring) feature

hazaa: unplug works again

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hazaa: unplug works again

^ helping you liberate media one file at a time

Works with:

  • Firefox: 1.5 – 3.0.*

February 10, 2009

iplayer v hulu

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oh hulu

This tool allows you to download or stream any iPlayer programme from the BBC in H.264 (Quicktime/mp4) format, any BBC radio programmes in MP3 or RealAudio format (optionally converted to wav or mp3) and all BBC podcasts in MP3/AAC format. It even downloads the BBC subtitles where available. It also has support for downloading ITV TV programmes.

A major new feature adds PVR-like capabilities (like Sky+ / TiVo / Series-Link); You can save lists of programme searches which are automatically downloaded when they become available.

February 9, 2009

plugoo: chat proxy flash widget — they ain’t not horrifically poor at English

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plugoo: chat proxy flash widget

Your visitors don’t need neither to download a software nor to create an account before they can contact you. They never have access to your instant messaging information (username). And conversation between a visitor and you is strictly private – other simultaneous visitors on the website don’t see the conversation. You don’t have to change your habits, you keep using your favorite messenger on your desktop or from your mobile phone.

February 8, 2009

less google is more better – official google chrome fork of chromium shows all google ads – the superior Iron fork of Chromium is less google and fewer ads: adblock.ini

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less google is more better

download (and install) Iron Fork

download adblock.ini to Iron target installation directory overwriting the nearly empty file already present:


grab the pre-beta of Iron 2.0


needs better adblock plus filter support


February 7, 2009

white, the new minority. where is my reparations check?

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That’s the standard color to bleed to defend such rights as free speech, the right to bear arms, and freedom of association, but God (soon to be removed from money) help you if you choose to disassociate from certain whiny racists.

join the carpathian wars

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February 6, 2009

aviary software subscriptions: less control and less privacy privacy for consumer

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 software subscriptions: less control and less privacy privacy for consumer

say NO to (online) software subscriptions

run application code LOCALLY to retain privacy, power, and control

NO. absolutely NOT.

My workproduct is assured mine when produced LOCALLY and stored LOCALLY.


pro packages offer “more file privacy.  gee, that’s peachy.  LOCALLY installed software offers TOTAL file PRIVACY.

February 5, 2009

why to prefer ASUS WL500g Premium V1 over V2

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prefer ASUS WL500g Premium V1


[ASUS WL500g Premium] V1 has MiniPCI Broadcom 802.11b/g BCM4318 802.11 Wireless LAN Controller, while [ASUS WL500g Premium] V2 has Onboard BCM5354 802.11b/g. So both of them uses B43, but the LP-PHY of [ASUS WL500g Premium] V2 is not yet supported by B43, that is why [ASUS WL500g Premium] V2 does not work under 2.6.

As the WLAN is on a miniPCI card in [ASUS WL500g Premium] V1, it can be changed to an Atheros based card, which is better supported in 2.6, this is not possible for the [ASUS WL500g Premium] V2, as the WLAN controller is onboard.

Most of the above [ASUS WL500g Premium] V1 posts (at least mine) are referring to the factory config. (wlan card not switched to Atheros)

To my knowledge, [ASUS WL500g Premium] V1 has MiniPCI Broadcom 802.11b/g BCM4318 802.11 Wireless LAN Controller, while [ASUS WL500g Premium] V2 has Onboard BCM5354 802.11b/g. Both of them use the B43 driver, but the LP-PHY of V2 is not yet supported, and so the WLAN part of V2 does not work under 2.6.

Other than that it should be OK.


for everything else there’s DD-WRT v24 SP1



voip VSP behind NAT best results

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voip sip VSP behind NAT

for best results use a built of DD-WRT with MilkFish (or DIY with OpenWRT)

take it to the next level with MilkFish and a (free) hosted PBX service


for more fun grab the latest orgasmatron from PBX in a Flash

ViaTalk growth pains me

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painful using new ViaTalk

Oldschool ViaTalk is less vexing to use than VoicePulse behind NAT.  However the ‘new’ (secret) ViaTalk servers are painful to setup behind NAT — some NAT flavors more so than others.  Once their old servers evaporate so will much of their patronage.

Of their almost cutting edge feature set call record (*99) is the most amusing.  “Your call may be recorded for quality control” is delightful to rave back at the automated attended that puts you on notice whenever you call into most customer server queues.. so that the people you’re calling will similarly be unable to revoke consent.  Unfortunately it’s not very useful to have entire conversations archived on ViaTalk’s voicemail switch as it cannot be downloaded… easily.  As most mail providers will choke on attachments greater than 20 megs.. as they should because email != FTP.. email is obviously not an option.  There’s no sane reason not to offer WAV or FLAC downloads of voicemail, especially call recorded conversations, from the ViaTalk web control panel.

Of the dozen VSPs I have toyed with ViaTalk has the most appealing feature set and seemingly responsive support people.  They, however, are oft on par with godaddy: barely read the message before firing back an irrelevant reply.

ViaTalk does have a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) plan which is great for those who like to tinker — which will be ESSENTIAL to create a reliable service.  Future Nine supports the BYOD model but VoicePulse does not.  Be sure to bring a device that allows user set dial plans of you’re in for a world of even more hurt. [The Obi110 is an excellent BYOD, but googlevoice is still evil]

Viatalk though is merely SIP and *NOT* IAX(2).

Both VoicePulse and ViaTalk have implementations of call filtering (never let that annoying person ring your line again) but ViaTalk makes redirecting calls to other numbers much easier.  VoicePulse only provides one number to forward to, which ViaTalk lets each rule forward to a number.

grab a free DDI (free DID) and make use of the second port


update: verizon’s walled garden gateway seems to actively sabotage some voip services with occasionally-disablable SIP ALG.  conf file mods not sufficient.. poking about in telnets [sic] might prove fruitful.

@ Verizon  It seems you enjoy provoking class action lawsuits.. instead why not simply cease abusing customers :gasp: and lower prices.  It’ll be far less traumatic and definitely well received by customers.

edit: overcome westwell sip alg for voip by connecting to the voip server on any port OTHER THAN 5060 (like 5062 or 5080)

[ ]

getting to like the new Future Nine

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like the new Future Nine

as pay as you go goes Future Nine is the first VSP to focus on satisfying the customer AND integrating customer feedback into the service offering

Sure their website looks like a highschool project from 1993 but their lead developer is very active in the forums which matter and is quick to respond to tickets

They use EVIL google checkout, and ethically impaired Paypal.  Also the minimum account funding is TEN dollars!! That’s a bit much for those who wish to purchase a DDI for $4

On the upside one can forward other (free) DDI to the issued SIP URI, and have dialtone upon instant activation to place toll free calls, and comes with voicemail

grab a free DDI (free DID) and receive incoming calls to help a developer community 😉



not a fan of Vonage : MCI tactics at their worst

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not a fan of Vonage

Vonage works less poorly when connected directly to the ISP device.. leaving you to purchase another account to feed your house.  

Receive “support” from an average joe who is receiving free vonage service.  Sure, his english is better than achmed, but he barely has a grasp on the interweb… though he’s less feckless than godaddy “support” staff.

no thanks


not a fan of VoicePulse… except SIP PBX

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not a fan of VoicePulse

the only useful service offered by VoicePulse is SIP PBX

VoicePulse connect is evolving… voicepulse VSP is lingering in feature death despire a recent site polishing.  I do not believe they have asterisk engineers in their employ, but instead contract them as needed.


fork you all! chrome is a fork of Chromium

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fork you all!

here’s a quote from the google empire:

Google Chrome is built with open source code from Chromium.

which is a fork of what?  that’s right.. Chrome is a fork of Chromium.  Iron is a fork of Chromium.  Obviously Iron is far superior.


making U3 suck a little less each day

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