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January 5, 2009 cannot find stargate atlantis season 5 episode 21

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it is truly the end


stargate suicide

stargate suicide

stargate suicide

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stargate suicide

What’s worse than painting yourself into a TV corner?  Using lead paint.  Its toxicity creates plot holes and sucks life directly from a time line.

Now why would a station want to sell a product that the majority of people want? TV execs have been behaving like G.M. far too long.

Give the PEOPLE what they want not what you deem they should have.. like socialist do… but never allow them to secure a new Colosseum.

The stargate franchise has the trek market and new blood. Sure neither were as awesome or as long running as Doctor Who, but you have to let the brits be good at one thing, lest their failures become the death of them completely.

… wait until you see episode 20, too
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