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January 2, 2009

add $1.65 to amazon cart for free shipping

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add $1.65 to amazon cart for free shipping

Metric Stainless Steel 440C Grade 100 Metal Ball 5mm Diameter (Pack of 10)

(magnetic hehe)

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extort $25 from verizon like they have from you countless times

Sure you may the claim under penalty of perjury, but last time you were extorted by verizon it was in violation of your contract.

“pay this unsubstantiated fee and penalties or we’ll cancel your account and turn you over to debt collectors”

I’m tempted to apply a few dozen times for fun, then deny doing it verizon style

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how to lookup a friend’s road runner email address and upgrade his account or cancel it out from under him

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edit 2013:  viatalk is NOT anymore recommended (below) .. instead Vitelity or Anveo.



how to lookup a friend’s road runner email address and upgrade his account or cancel it out from under him

requires victim.. err friend’s phone number


(2) enter phone number

(3) call local road runner division

(4) enter phone number

(5) proceed to tech menu for internet service outage

(6) write down mac address the system foolishly volunteers

(7) return to tab

(8) enter mac address from step 6

* if prompted to answer a security question enter any short string of letters

tada.. your friend’s email address.


with all three pieces of information you can have friend’s master account password reset and login to Self Care and find account number. Now you can call and request upgrades for your friend at his expense or cancel his account.  Or  you can use his 500 meg SafeStorage account

thanks time warner!

(be sure to ask them how their propaganda “any three services [qualify for our] triple play discount” does not apply to either ‘cable box, cable box, internet’ or ‘internet, internet, cable box’.  Last I check each of those respective groups comprised three services — neatly falling within ‘any three’)

Time Warner digital phone (voip) is abysmal in everyway other than network structure (ultra low latency and hops):  it’s akin to ma bell from 1960.  Either roll your own with Asterisk or upgrade to ViaTalk ($17/mo + taxes), or ($1/mo + $0.0115/min), or ($2/mo inc 60 minutes + $0.015/min, no free SIP in/out)

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