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January 29, 2009

spirit of mozilla — what’s the axe ground by wordpress? @Matt Mullenweg

Is this another zottmann issue?

What’s your malfunction wordpress [Matt Mullenweg]?

.. personified..

how to download all the mp3 music you want from project playlist beta

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how to download all the mp3 music you want from project playlist beta


This script allows you to download ALL SONGS on by using a different method than all those other scripts that just use the visible url. Now provides links to download entire playlists!!!
Version: 2.2.1

free signup is *optional* but will allow you to build a favorites list

must use beta search

in results click new “Download song” link.

cost of free: filename is string of numbers

Say for whatever reason you wanted music from MTV toplist

so in a moment of insanity you desire Kanye West “Heartless”

search heartless: 090129-project-playlist-beta-search-to-download-mp3


because you’re still insane you click the first download link instead


if you’ve opted not to install the userscript as directed, or if you’re greasemonkey is disable then no download link for you




if you’re OCD or an iTard: kill yourself. The file contains ID3 tags. You can use foobar to rename the file to your liking


right click file(s)


click the dot dot dot


pick the appropriate naming scheme


click run

click close

repeat as desired

NEVER pay for mp3s.  Pay only for FLAC, audio CD, or audio DVD.  Money must fetch fidelity.  mp3s are only acceptable when free.

* large groups of mp3s are best batch renamed via ID3 with den4b’s ReNamer


January 21, 2009

cheat facebook games – tormenting facebook devs :P

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No scripting knowledge required


Firefox (preferably version 2) ((MAC))

adblock plus with all three EasyLists


a free CoScripter account (ibm)


Since most facebook games are played at mouse addicted to pleasure button level the entire process can be automated with CoScripter.  Login, start CoScripter for game, loop until happy while getting a can of Jolt.  Cheating at facebook games has never been easier.

I share this with you to torment the ‘people’ at facebook, and to see how the arms race unfolds, but mostly for my Social Engineering amusement.

There are other choices for running macros but this will be the most destructive productive




cheat myspace games – tormenting myspace devs :P

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No scripting knowledge required


Firefox (preferably version 2) ((MAC))

adblock plus with all three EasyLists


a free CoScripter account (ibm)


Since most myspace appgames” are played at mouse addicted to pleasure button level the entire process can be automated with CoScripter.  Login, start CoScripter for game, loop until happy while getting a can of Jolt.  Cheating at myspace games has never been easier.

I share this with you to torment the ‘people’ at myspace, and to see how the arms race unfolds, but mostly for my S/E amusement.

There are other choices for running macros but this will be the most destructive productive




myspace games autoplayer

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crosspost.  continue to cheat myspace games

only would CNN viewers believe in a fake attack by israel

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an email that appears to have come from [cnn], showing first and exclusive pictures of Israel’s bombardment of Gaza which actually plants a malware into your computer.


January 20, 2009

enjoy the theater experience a little more for $40 – jam all the mobile phones

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this won’t stop itards and the like from powering their trillion lux screen in a dark theater but with zero reception even the most cretinous will abandon the attempt sooner than usual



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dell 530 freedos

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fun with procurve 1800 and sonos

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.. sitting in the dark still

oh, juniper networks, where are you?

January 19, 2009

gladinet is great – ONLY inside VMware since it cannot be thinstalled

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mount various free file-, image-, or document- storage services with psuedo webDAV or as mapped network drives

PhD extended to functional illiterate, Mel Seesholtz

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Love is not synonymous with tolerance.

PhD revoked.


does scribd know about docstoc?

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January 18, 2009

live calendar should return to beta

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..until groupDAV is enabled for ALL account types

flaming history: asterisk DNS SRV records

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and then there was enum

If your Exchange Labs account is enabled for voice mail, you will be able to receive voice mail messages in your Inbox

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ExchangeLabs@EDU alternative voicemail — does not fetch existing provider voicemail

To enter your mobile phone number to be used with your Exchange Labs account

  1. In a Web browser, type
  2. On the Exchange Labs logon page, click Log On.
  3. On the Outlook Web Access logon page, enter your user name and password, and then click Log On.
  4. In the Outlook Web Access window, click Options.
  5. On the left navigation bar, select Customize, and then click the Voice Mail tab.
  6. In the Phone number to use for voice mail box, enter your 10 digit phone number (which includes your area code and local number), and then click Save.
  7. For more information about voice mail account and settings, see the Voice Mail Tab.


Windows 7 is enough to kill itself on the desktop

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Ignore the misanthropic fanboi article but heed the DRM-, resource-, security-, and cost  comments



Although I have enjoyed the bashing of MS for the last 2 years due to Vista, it did actually have real problems. 1. The OS was built around DRM which puts the the user thirds to MS and the movie companies. 2. They wanted to improve the ‘running as admin’ problem, but they didn’t have the guts to actually make normal users in to non-admin users. Have either of these things changed? — Felix


it still suffers from: * Very high RAM usage (about 2/3 that of Vista) * Heavy UI requirements (and no classic start bar now) * Heavy handed usage of DRM * Lack of device support (as bad as Vista) * Unknown cost (although Microsoft need to support their staff with this) * IE8 is an abysmal web browser The bottom line is that Windows 7 is based on the Vista core (with slightly more polish) but is still horrendously memory hungry, GPU intensive, (probably) expensive and the same quality control that we have come to expect from Microsoft 😉 Don’t forget also that Microsoft is planning to move over to a software-as-a-subscription model (so you will have to PAY every year to keep your PC working). No thanks! – John Cockroft


You make the bold claim, “Windows 7 is enough to kill Linux on the desktop” without substantaiting it. No benchmarks, no stabiity tests, no feature comparisons. People have been cheated by M$ for decades. All anyone wants is a stable system that provides a GUI and high-level access to hardware for applications. Instead, we have gigabytes of garbage on our hard disks and in our RAM. Since M$ are know to have been selling a proven failure (Vista), would it not be reasonable to wait until Windows 7 ships then do a soak test then compare it with Linux and OSX? – Wendy


you still can’t beat the price [of linux]. The only reasons Windows exists is because everyone is forced to buy it on pre-builts…it has been a peice of …. for years and anyone with technical knowledge knew that, but unlike other industries (due to monopoly) it rained supreme. Lastly I have no idea why it has advantages for open source?? I develop open source and 90+% of my tools are built in (and originate on) to linux. … MS will still hide all the functionality from users since they consider the average joe … dumb … which is especially horrible for power users…. The security flaws in the system have never been truly addressed since it is a basic flaw in Windows oversized kernel which places too many things inside the root-area. That can only be fixed with a major rewrite…but why would MS do that when all people care about is the look-n-feel (plus that is comes on the computer when they buy it…no choice).  — boom


any good intentioned soul sitting down to read this article might actually believe that it is written by the Linux fan who is re-evaluating his decision to run Linux instead of a MS product. Why? Because Windows 7 BETA is just that good right? No. Because like so many MS Fanboys, he is a farce, long on words, but short on evidence. As has been stated before, there is no evidence in this article to support the author’s claims. Anyone who would attempt a test between a BETA product and an established product expecting the results to be certifiable is obviously living in LaLa land anyways – I know more


Windows is a convenient OS for training monkeys to eventually type Shakespeare. I won’t be switching back to Windows until they develop an OS that: Respects that I am smart enough to want to do what I say I want, not just the most popular options. Doesn’t give every third-party script the right to run as admin (security shouldn’t depend on only the AV and firewall, kids.) Doesn’t spy on me, doesn’t get all Big Brother on me (yes, I made that DVD myself I don’t need DRM blocking me), and doesn’t try to do ANYTHING behind my back, even if I haven’t chosen to upgrade something. Adheres to standards, rather than developing a new and special (ed) version of them. Once the Vole decided he had invented the English language and could sell it, what chance was there for true compatibility in anything? – DanF


What the final verdict is, am I willing to spend another few hundred bucks everytime Microsoft releases their latest and greatest. That answer is absolutely not. What if i wanna buy a new CPU, and use the same version of Windows that I have, not allowed to ?!?! Surely, I purchased this product, just months ago, and now I am not legally allowed to run it on my machine because of a CPU failure, which resulted in the purchase of a new chip. I will though be able to continue to use my existing version of whichever flavor of Linux I choose to, and for free, no matter what kind of hardware changes I make, or how many installs I do… – [yay todd]


Windows 7 is nothing but Vista with a new taskbar (oOOooh!) and with the constant nagging/permissions fixed ! Ever since the announcement of the beta release, I’ve been trying to find more documentation on the new features…. and guess what, this is what I found ! No new micro-kernel, no new filesystem, no fancy backup system… NOTHING ! Oh wait… I forgot the part where the windows become transparent except for the ouline. My bad. Pretty impressive indeed – G


Windows 7, like all Windows products, will be very expensive. Normal security won’t work on it (McAfee products don’t work on it currently). You will have to buy updates for every bit of software and hardware so that they can be compatible with Windows 7. Then, as with Vista, you will have to slowly discover which components Microsoft has decided to take out, limit, or restrict from your one of 18 different versions of Windows 7 — Home Ghetto Version, Home Middle Class version, Home Lake Washington Version Small Business Entrepeneur Version, Small Business Wannabe Version, Small Business Crippled Server Version, and Small Business with Microsoft Bank Account version Media Center Compuserve version, Media Center AOL version, Media Center AOL-with-limited-crapware version, Media Center with the usual Linux open source freeware included (top of the line) Then there will be the Windows 7 Ultimate version, called “Windows 7 cloud 9 version” — allows you to virtualize Linux (and Apple, too!) so you can run all those free open source Linux programs and forget that you’re running Windows! All you need is a 4 Terabyte RAM machine, with 160 Pentabyte hardrive for the Windows OS (with 10 Gb reserved for Linux). The Windows 7 logo is a really, really fat woman singing. – moose


If this is a honeypot for flames…..then congrats – it wins. I too downloaded Windows 7 and stuck it on a dual core box, 3GB RAM and a fast SATA drive graphics card etc. It is an absolute dog. ….. Once again Microshaft have gone for the ‘fluffy look’ way of thinking which hogs resources like you would not believe. For me to have it just sitting there doing (literally) nothing took 800Mb of RAM – nothing in the list of processes but just ‘I am using 800Mb of RAM so there’. As with Vista, all they have done is move stuff around so that you spend time looking for it and still then cannot find it. To suggest this is going to make people change their OS of choice is utter garbage. I will not be moving away from Ubuntu and Mac OS – I kind of like it where if an app hangs it doesn’t take the whole box with it, call me old fashioned if you will…. – SI


M$hite will never beat Linux, any flavour, because Linux is more then an OS, it’s a philosophy, a form of digital freedom where we are allowed to DO WHAT WE WANT with no sneaky M$hite being conducted behind our backs. I saw the keynote speach on 7 and the only thing they could highlight was the new task bar, which is Apples, and the ability to create a media network, which has been possible for YEARS. Anyway, to summarise Win7 – a gold plated turd is still a turd. – MRU


Are you retarded? Yeah, our company with over 3000 pc’s is going to upgrade from XP to Win 7 by replacing every PC since they only have 512 Meg of RAM. We are going to go through “Driver Hell” with all our legacy printers. For what? Everything we have works fine. What is the draw to Win 7? Nothing. Since our apps work, why should we care about replacing an OS that is solid for our desktop needs. Anything that is important to us is on UNIX.- kronosmen


Got DRM?  No sale! MAC is abandoning DRM even in iTunes. Will microsoft abandon draconian abuse of users at the home desktop? No? Then no sale. Will microsoft develop a 64bit OS and abandon the x86 legacy? no? then no sale. Media piracy is already illegal. Making it illegal will not stop those who opt to be soft pirates. More causal users are being more media savvy. Windows 7: defective by design. Microsoft draconia will sink microsoft sales


What was NSA’s involvement in producing Windows Vista security – will likely also disavow windows 7 use


broken: report broken microsoft site navigation

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broken: report broken microsoft site navigation

Contact Us

Report problems with navigation, accessing links or downloads, or if you have questions related to the Microsoft Partner Portal.

404 not found.

January 17, 2009

with verizon wireless you “get to” pay to see mobile web ads

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with verizon wireless you “get to” pay to see mobile web ads

Pay [an outrageous] $1.99 per megabyte of data sent or received, plus any application changes. Data sent or received using Mobile Web (including advertising)


January 10, 2009

download SUPER 090105 build 35 without the lunacy of the developer

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download SUPER 090105 build 35 without the lunacy of the developer


after the beginning bang: sure. but then spewed singularities?

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bigs bang spews black holes

singularities spewed after the beginning… huge forces rip some to shreds in rapid expansion… as not all attracted matter is retained by the black hole (axis) vast amount of ’empty’ space, matter and energy accounted for.. better?

there is only one set of everything.

free TMDA email account

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free TMDA email account

To Go Up, We Must Lower Ourselves — regnum Christi

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To Go Up, We Must Lower Ourselves — regnum Christi

Mark 1: 7-11
This is what John the Baptist proclaimed: “One mightier than I is coming after me. I am not worthy to stoop and loosen the thongs of his sandals. I have baptized you with water; he will baptize you with the Holy Spirit.” It happened in those days that Jesus came from Nazareth of Galilee and was baptized in the Jordan by John. On coming up out of the water he saw the heavens being torn open and the Spirit, like a dove, descending upon him. And a voice came from the heavens, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.”

Introductory Prayer: My heavenly Father, you made me out of your infinite love. Even though I have failed to love you as a good child should, still you send me gift upon gift. You sent your Son to redeem me and to make me one with you, in and through your Son. You and your only beloved Son sent your Spirit of Love and Truth, the Holy Spirit, to dwell in my heart, mind and body. I wish to open my heart and eyes to all that you have done for me and continue to do for me, and to love you in return, growing in generosity with you, your Church, and all of your children.

Petition: Lord, bless me with authentic interior poverty.

1. Humility, the Springboard to Heaven.   Christ lowered himself from heaven so we could see him. John said he was not worthy to stoop down and untie the sandals of Jesus. Because he was humble, John recognized who Jesus was and who he himself was. We, however, tend to raise ourselves above others in our minds and actions. Until we recognize this, as John did, we will not be able to understand our Lord, who humbled himself and took on our lowly nature so that we might see the dignity of man and the holiness of God – who is humble.

2. The Cleansing Power of Grace.   John poured the muddy Jordan water upon Christ’s head. As it dripped down his sacred head and body, something happened to that water: the Spirit of God entered it. No longer would baptism consist merely of water poured over a body; now it would cleanse the soul and fill it with everlasting life. What was muddy is now the instrument of purity. Divinity enters humanity. Christ wants us to open our hearts and minds to him, to his grace, to his life, and to his mission. To do so we must experience our intense need for him, our own spiritual poverty and the unsurpassed wealth of the gifts Our Lord longs to pour into our souls. Am I deeply conscious of my need for God’s grace in my soul? Am I able to turn to him and humbly ask for this?

3. Lord, Strip Me of the Things of This World.  The heavens were torn asunder, and the voice of the Father thundered from the sky above. John stood in awe as he watched the Holy Spirit descend upon the Son of Man, the Son of God. He who was not fit to untie the Lord’s sandal baptized the Lord, and his eyes were opened. He saw that holiness is not of this world. The things of this world are of no value before almighty God. Our pride, vanity and disordered sensuality blind us from seeing the beauty of a meek and humble heart. If you are meek and humble of heart, you will hear God say, “You are my beloved child; with you I am well pleased.”

Conversation with Christ: Lord Jesus, you know when I stand and when I fall. Help me to let go of the things of this world, so I will fall more madly in love with you. You are my strength and my hope; may you be my love.

Today I will set aside an extra 10 to 15 minutes to pray, speaking heart-to-heart to Jesus.

Father Roderick Ermatinger, LC

January 8, 2009

liberate yourself from flash on page in firefox key interception

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firefox ignores hotkeys no more

visit a flash game site, play a game, try to spawn a new tab, fail

must click somewhere in page not-on flash object, hotkey to spawn new tab: extra hassle for teh win

Why does IBM have the solution but not the (paid) mozilla foundation?

January 5, 2009 cannot find stargate atlantis season 5 episode 21

Filed under: DARPA — Sagacious Himself @ 3:21 pm cannot find stargate atlantis season 5 episode 21


it is truly the end


stargate suicide

stargate suicide

stargate suicide

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stargate suicide

What’s worse than painting yourself into a TV corner?  Using lead paint.  Its toxicity creates plot holes and sucks life directly from a time line.

Now why would a station want to sell a product that the majority of people want? TV execs have been behaving like G.M. far too long.

Give the PEOPLE what they want not what you deem they should have.. like socialist do… but never allow them to secure a new Colosseum.

The stargate franchise has the trek market and new blood. Sure neither were as awesome or as long running as Doctor Who, but you have to let the brits be good at one thing, lest their failures become the death of them completely.

… wait until you see episode 20, too
striae semantics

January 4, 2009

120 betamax free sip providers — complete list?

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VERY OLD.  DO NOT patronize betamax or its clones.   For free SIP service:

  • etc


complete list of betamax free  sip providers?

free calls N minutes of dial out to PSTN, free incoming from DID, sip registration, N freedays: 300min/week/90 days or variation

120 via DNS


not all domains provide free sip


find more free SIP to PSTN calling trials

(“* minutes per week” | “* minutes trial”)   +((voip|download) near sip) -2005 -2006 -2007 -2008


[ ]

godaddy sucks ( — 5,320 people went out of their way to vent

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tech “support” is even worse

update May 31 2009:  GoDaddy still sucks

January 3, 2009

on reflection

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petty little manager

phonezoo mp3 download

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NO login required

visit player page

play sound


search: dload

open in new tab (the ONE hat is not an image)

saves as almost copmlete mp3

phonevite group2call justknow

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What other free phone message broadcast services are there?

phonevite wins on coolness, ease of use, and clear privacy policy, but lacks a dial-in option

group2call wins on volume, tweaks, dial-in.. but loses on privacy and unresponsiveness of staff

justknow has very little free.. while phonevite and group2call have at least 25 messages DAILY justknow limits free to 5 per MONTH.  sucks.

edit: Jan 10 – ONE call per day up to 25 recipients

Asterisk voicemail broadcast

January 2, 2009

add $1.65 to amazon cart for free shipping

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add $1.65 to amazon cart for free shipping

Metric Stainless Steel 440C Grade 100 Metal Ball 5mm Diameter (Pack of 10)

(magnetic hehe)

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