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December 31, 2008

helping to destroy ratio P2P peering one step at a time

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helping to destroy ratio P2P peering one step at a time

How do I create multiple large files that consume no extra diskspace?

Create multiple Hardlinks to one or more files.  Change the names of the Hardlinks to suit.



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December 24, 2008

the other way to shop for amazon rebates — if you believe in the tooth fairy

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the other way to shop for amazon rebates — if you believe in the tooth fairy

If the tooth fairy is working at the rebate fulfillment center this might be what you need:



December 23, 2008

CS4 install joy

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oh, and thanks for the delightful “activation” ‘scheme’!  It really slows the load-to-ready state of all the applications!  If I wanted to wait I would have wasted money on visNta

I’m sure you won’t mind me removing it

December 20, 2008

one of the many reasons I dislike allegedly-new newegg

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one of the many reasons I dislike allegedly-new newegg

Please kindly note that the order # [a number] was used Egg Saver (DHL); after reviewing your account, we notice that your order has already been shipped out on [a date]  with DHL tracking number [a number]. Please kindly note that the item actually ships with a DHL tracking number and it is then distributed to USPS so that they can then deliver it to you.

In this case, it does ship out with DHL first but it takes 4-5 business days to update the information. Usually, it takes 3 to 7 business days for the package to be delivered to you. If you cannot receive the package after 7 business days, please reply to this email so that we can further assist you. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience.

Not only does allegedly-new newegg merely eventually ship the package but they cannot be bothered to surround all surfaces of the enclosed retail box with padding material inside the shipping container as outlined by carriers (UPS, FedEx, et al).  Perhaps they do not understand that I prefer my new retail product to arrive in new condition.  Having seen how UPS handles packages within a UPS facility I shall not accept poorly packaged items.  Fighting over $200 is not worth the time, but as a matter of justice it is.

CDW knows how to treat both packages and customers.  Sure it does help to have ordering power backed by a multibillion dollar multinational company.. that usually wins me free overnight shipping on my personal CDW account.  🙂

December 19, 2008

Switching between the old Java Plug-in and next-generation Java Plug-in

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The new Java Plug-in is enabled by default. However if there are issues running applets with the new Java Plug-in, the user can switch to the old Java plug-in without any manual manipulation of the windows registry and moving files.

Steps to switch between Java Plug-ins


  1. Click Start.
  2. Click Control Panel.
  3. Double click on Java Control Panel.
  4. Click Advance tab in Java Control Panel.
  5. Scroll to Java Plug-in entry.
  6. Uncheck the check box for Enable next-generation Java Plug-in.
  7. Click Ok and restart the system.

December 17, 2008

boron argon gallium iodine nitrogen

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b ar ga i n

straw to fill plot holes

December 16, 2008

H.R. 3685 Discriminates against employer’s values in the workplace

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Should my company have strong Christian values, upon which western civilization is based, the foundation of tolerance these deviants take advantage, I would be unable to terminate an employee for flagrant disregary for corporate culture or majority ethics.

say no to making faggots more equal

setup modified Mozilla Weave on cPanel web disk with apache 2.0.63

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extension can PUT files to cPanel web disk, but cannot GET files from cPanel web disk (inside public_html)

December 14, 2008

multiple everything?

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physicists aren’t the smartest creatures in schrodinger’s box

December 10, 2008

disable offline AIM messages

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instant only please

December 8, 2008

F.L.A.A.F. – Flemish Liberation Army Against Freedom

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freedom is not free

freedom is not free

oberon interactive: visual menu hell

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plenty of selections: no useful information



note to self: live privacy portal

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Tags: – contact: request double opt-in for new accounts – opt out globally

This option saves an account setting associated with your Windows Live™ ID. It applies on any computer on which you sign in with your Windows Live™ ID, and will continue to apply until someone signs in with a different Windows Live™ ID on that computer. Note: If you delete your cookies, you’ll need to sign in again for the settings to apply.

CookieCuller to the rescue

Add N Edit cookies to find/hack them


SQLite Manager – edit everything



California half a billion dollars to sit and think about carpet

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Why is california bankrupt?  Perhaps spending $500,000,000, part on “sitting”, studying carpet standards.  How much does sitting pay??


California Gold Sustainable Carpet Standard


The department consists of six divisions, 23 operational offices, 4,000 employees and a budget in excess of half a billion dollars. Its diverse functions include e-commerce and telecommunications; sitting, acquisition, development, leasing, disposal and management…

To what end?

The purpose of the California Gold Sustainable Carpet Standard is to establish consistent requirements for sustainable carpet products. These requirements are intended to form the basis of conformity assessment programs, such as third-party certification or registration.   Sustainable carpet products that comply with the Draft Standard may be certified or registered to the California Gold Sustainable Carpet Standard, if the products also comply with the additional prerequisite credits and requirements defined in this Standard (see Table 3). Following the completion of the ANSI process for the Draft Standard, the State of California will reevaluate its adoption of the California Gold Sustainable Carpet Standard to determine if the new ANSI Standard meets the State’s environmentally preferable objectives.



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December 7, 2008

openDNS alternative by easyDNS

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easyDNS launches no frills, pure DNS lookups – fully patched

Some of our members have expressed reservations around using any DNS resolver that “alters” the traffic in any way, including typos and non-existent domains. Which is good news for us, because we’ve done this so fast we haven’t had time to build anything like that even if we wanted to. What we did want to do is provide a couple of DNS resolvers for use by our members (or anybody else) who just want to know they’re using a system run by people who are actively following this situation and are proactively keeping their own resolvers and caching nameservers as secure as the protocol allows.

With this in mind we’ve turned up today. No website, no user interface, at the moment it’s just a couple of resolvers with the latest security patches in place and that will continue to do so, open to use by anybody who wants. We have no idea where this will go, and it’s not really an official easyDNS “service” per se. But we wanted to do something to give our members options.

If you want to use, the details are as follows: -> ->


openDNS alternative

edit:another free alternative by easyDNS competition, UltraDNS


or roll your own, too


edit: see also Pirate bay P2P DNS, dot-p2p

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setup modified Mozilla Weave on cPanel web disk with apache 2.0.63

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(1) login  to cPanel 11

(2) web disk (borked webDAV)

(3) username: XXX (in subdomain for me)

(4a) path can be above public_html

(4b) path: /public_html/[subdomaindir]/_isolateuser1/

(4c) optionally enable basic auth, but no for now

(4d) cPanel will report username creation as but you’ll be proving only XXX for sanity to weave extension

(5) in FTP client (FlashFXP) navigate to directory containing selected subdomain and user in (3)

(6a) create an XXX subdirectory — weave will assume it exists

(6b) create:  XXX/crypto, XXX/keys, XXX/meta

(6c) inside XXX/meta create a version file containing only the number 3

(7a) modify the latest weave XPI ( ): append dot zip to filename, open in WinRAR or equivalent,

(7b) in install.rdf change em:name to something like “weave [mywebhostprovider]”,

(7c) in \defaults\preferences\sync.js set extensions.weave.serverURL to — without the cPanel  port one would have great fun with paths

(7d)  in \defaults\preferences\sync.js set extensions.weave.username to XXX

(7e) if creating a modified XPI for multiple profile- or person use skip 7d and enter username on weave use post install

(8) change addon’s file extension back to XPI

(9) drag XPI into firefox, yada yada, restart firefox

(10) BEFORE singing into weave, weave:preferences, data tab: tick only bookmars — to simplify testing for you

(11) if 7e then enter XXX, if not XXX should be already entered … weave:sign in, enter password, tick save, sign in


+ iterate 4b: _isolateuser[N] for each person’s account or name to suit

+ AFTER you can login and PUT files without error then enable basic auth for the directory in 4b

cPanel 11.23.x
PHP 5.2.x
linux 2.6.18*
weave xpi: 0.2.92

DAV explorer (user:

========= Outbound Message =========



Connection: TE

TE: trailers, deflate, gzip, compress

User-Agent: UCI DAV Explorer/0.91 RPT-HTTPClient/0.3-3E

Translate: f

Accept-Encoding: deflate, gzip, x-gzip, compress, x-compress

Authorization: Basic [hash]

========= Inbound Message =========

HTTP/1.1 200 OK

Date: [date]

Server: cPanel

Content-Length: 0

Connection: Keep-Alive

Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=100


Content-Type: httpd/unix-directory

DAV: 1,2,<;

Keep-Alive: timeout=15, max=96

MS-Author-Via: DAV

SkyDrive is now 25 gigs but no WebDAV … gladinet? instead of livesync



files PUT up nicely…   funky GET fail

December 6, 2008

What does the $700 billion bailout look like? (liberalese: spread the debt around)

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Imagine 7,000 piles of a million dollars like this:


photo by straightedge217


or 700,000 towers of pennies

700,000 of these in a bailout

700,000 of these in a bailout


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December 5, 2008

SMS to yahoo chat : sms phone out format to yahoo inbox popup

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compose new text message (not email)


TO:  92466502

  • message MUST begin with the full yahoo ID (email address)
  • immediately a colon (no space after TLD)
  • (optionally a space) then the text message

message should be received and stored for delivery even if recipient in not logged in currently.

IF the message is not received try sending to 92466501 instead


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December 3, 2008

Father Corapi, awesome Catholic priest stoops to implementing DRM on apologetics videos

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Say what?

Spread the gospel, but don’t forget to restrict its use and limit its playback.  That doesn’t sound like it complies with Pope John Paul II reiteration of use of modern media to spread God’s message. [citation pending]

A subscription to “Weekly Wisdom” includes a license for one computer per episode and uses Windows Media DRM technology. For more information on DRM and our policies please visit the FAQ page


But wait there’s more

The Subscription Media is owned by SANTA CRUZ MEDIA, INC., and is protected by intellectual property laws. You understand that your use of the Subscription Media is subject to the Usage Rules discussed below. You may not authorize, encourage or allow any Subscription Media used or obtained by you to be reproduced, modified, displayed, performed, transferred, distributed or otherwise used by anyone else. You agree to advise SANTA CRUZ MEDIA, INC. promptly of any such unauthorized use(s).


See his awesomeness (lessened) on youtardedtube:


DRM is not very Catholic here.

Why won’t ‘they’ listen and use,, or

Ulcerous 57 Socialist Statelessness of America

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It’s well past time to euthanize those who have a history of voting socialism into our society, bills or people.  Since they don’t value individuality, let alone the sanctity of life I’m sure they won’t mind.

Bring your wheel barrow for the bread lines


with new issued bills for the Ulcerous Socialist Statelessness of America

obama devalues the dollar

Where few are more equaler than most

And our flag

is but a distant memory


God save us all!

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music0very: thanks for the mp3s

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wish you streamed in FLAC… but CTRL+Shift+V all the same 😛

… name munged in the interest of file liberation

December 2, 2008

iTard fans chuck in an iPhone for the PVR too bad 3G is legacy and trapped in TDMA

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Microsoft is making more diehards fans of OSX.  I’m still waiting for full FCC implementation of open access.  I don’t care for inferior Time Division … CDMA much better, sorry iPhone iTards

< 2 seconds on the TV series “Chuck”, season two episode 9:

Google’s phone will contain much more evil…

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