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November 23, 2008

CrossCrypt and GnuPG

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  • On the fly and offline encryption of Containers CD’s  compatible to standard Linux systems under Win2000 / XP
  • Strong Encryption: Supporting /aes256 , /aes192, /aes128 (SingleKey Mode aes-loop compatible) and TwoFish (Use /2f) (160 Bit Key) (SuSE Linux compatible)
  • GNU GPL License comes with full source .
  • Denaiablity: You will not be able to tell that this file has been encrypted by filedisk as it looks completely random and can have any extension you wish.

Using a seperate Keyfile gnupg encrypted
If you have GnuPG installed in your system. You can use a random password on your container/cd/partition and store the encrypted keyfile in a save place like a floppy or usb stick. This has several advantages: You are using a strong random password on your container, you do not have to fear anyone can guess your passphrase. You can easily change the password of your keyfile whenever you want without reencryption of your container. You can encrypt the keyfile with your public key and the public key of all other legal users of your container/cd/partition.

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