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November 25, 2008

Yahoo BrowserPlus – response to SilverLight, AIR, or Chromium? Pipes piped!

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yahoo fights over digital souls

Gauntlet thrown to firefox extension devs..

November 24, 2008


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yup, 5100

yahoo email tech support

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fewer hoops

hotmail live tech support

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fewer hoops

Verizon Wireless Backup Assistant reset star code

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for wasting my time

Verizon DOES store more than one backup for all contacts in an account as they should — despite what 99% tech “support” staff claims.

November 23, 2008

CrossCrypt and GnuPG

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  • On the fly and offline encryption of Containers CD’s  compatible to standard Linux systems under Win2000 / XP
  • Strong Encryption: Supporting /aes256 , /aes192, /aes128 (SingleKey Mode aes-loop compatible) and TwoFish (Use /2f) (160 Bit Key) (SuSE Linux compatible)
  • GNU GPL License comes with full source .
  • Denaiablity: You will not be able to tell that this file has been encrypted by filedisk as it looks completely random and can have any extension you wish.

Using a seperate Keyfile gnupg encrypted
If you have GnuPG installed in your system. You can use a random password on your container/cd/partition and store the encrypted keyfile in a save place like a floppy or usb stick. This has several advantages: You are using a strong random password on your container, you do not have to fear anyone can guess your passphrase. You can easily change the password of your keyfile whenever you want without reencryption of your container. You can encrypt the keyfile with your public key and the public key of all other legal users of your container/cd/partition.

November 22, 2008

FFdshow logoaway image templates wanted – Shape XY logo image for TV station watermarks

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logoaway blur modes are nice, but it’d be great if someone not-me made available sets of Shape XY logo images for use with logoaway FFDshow (CCCP et al)


Sure it would depend on release group.. errr PVR settings for video dimensions to an extent, but ready made would be convenient for hypocritically “green” logos.


[ ]


November 15, 2008

obama’s supreme court: socialism enforcers

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Goodbye USA Constitution 😦


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edit: Stable Chrome.  Google “only” inflicts the RLZ via google searches using the default google search.  Instead edit chrome profile files or add your own Google search and set it to default.

Iron was the FIRST chromium build with adblocking.

unfortunately it was a fraud on most fronts


shame on srware

November 14, 2008

the simplicity of 248 dimensions explains everything!

yeah right… and a double positive must be better!

“E8 encapsulates the symmetries of a geometric object that is 57-dimensional and is itself is 248-dimensional”.

An Exceptionally Simple Theory of Everything
Authors: A. Garrett Lisi

Phase I: add more dimensions

Phase II: [mumble mumble]

Phase III: explain everything!

November 13, 2008

BBC spooks produced by communists

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who would have thought that of a socialist country?

November 10, 2008

canada gets it right where USA fails – whois data kept private by default for free

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Aside from better maple syrup and hockey sticks, Canada now also does domain WHOIS better than the USA:

OTTAWA, Ontario, June 11, 2008 – The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) announced today that it has launched a new privacy policy and WHOIS search tool to protect the privacy of dot-ca domain name registrants. The new policy limits public access to personal information except under extraordinary circumstances or through explicit consent of the registrant.

Under the new policy the personal information of individual domain name registrants, including registrant name, home address, phone number and e-mail address, will now be automatically protected as private. Full registration information for corporate domain name holders will continue to be accessible and individual registrants may choose to make their information accessible.

Amendment to the CIRA Dispute Resolution Policy (CDRP) Rules

  • The new WHOIS Policy may make it more difficult for an individual or organization to prove that a domain was registered by another party in bad faith.

CIRA proposed in the second public consultation to amend the CDRP Rules, making it easier for the complainant to provide proper evidence in order to prove their case. This solution maintains maximum privacy protection while ensuring the effectiveness of the CDRP.

Adopting these rules for all TLDs will not only radically reduce spam, stalking, and fear of freely expressing one’s self, but will put an end to whois-privacy extortion.  Currently GoDaddy whois-privacy plan must be paid indefinately.  Cancelling at any point reveals the hidden information.  There is currently NO procedure to change the underlying whois informaiton PRIOR to cancelling whois-privacy. Fat lot of good that is to the consumer.

November 7, 2008

voting a Marxist into office is an act of sedition

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one sixth the population needs must be euthanized for abuse of vote

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