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October 12, 2008

hazaa Chromium Iron Fork new first: now with adblock built-in

Adblocking is essential to privacy.  SRware‘s fork of Chromium, is the only way to use the google (evil ad serving empire) open source web browser.  A few bytes closer to ideal:

11.10.2008: Adblocker integrated in Iron

The wish of many users comes true: We integrated an
Adblocker in Iron!

With a filterlist so nearly all online-advertising can be
blocked. A working list can bedownloaded

and just has to be copied to the Iron folder (e.g:
C:\Program Files\Iron Fork\). Note: You must first get the
latest version of Iron you can find under “Downloads”.

So Iron is the first Chromium based webbrowser worldwide
which has an adblocker included.

It does not fully support the AdBlockPlus format; it is a loose implementation borrowing from

Hopefully SRware Iron Fork will soon tie into the context menu to take advantage of the built in inspector, whitelisting, and element hiding

If one plans to use Steve Pellegrin’s set of scripts to strip down rick752‘s AdBlockPlus list, The EasyList, originally intended for BFilter, with SRware’s Iron Chromium Fork some adjustments might be needed

Otherwise manually ditch the whitelist, convert ! to # for comments, and dump $ and following per line.

Portable Iron Forkeat the web safely

update.1:  Fanboy now authors an ablock list for Chromium likely in response to this well read SRware forum post (Iron adblock.ini documentation request not yet answered) — this thread has the highest number of views in the English forum.

Similarly minded posts request element hiding capability for Iron’s adblock engine, GUI features (right click / context menu) to control adblocking in Chromium starting with the Iron fork — similarly remarked as possible in a variety of (free) addons for Internet Explorer.  Interestingly only AdBlockPro for IE, seemingly approaching abandonware for lack of updates, offers context menu for blocking (plugin) objects like flash; the firefox implementation in AdBlock Plus relies on irksome object tabs.  Ie7pro could likely offering context menu blocking for flash as it has been suggested in their forums and received well by IEpro developers.  The BEST example of adblocking for IE8 is unfortunately questionableware “simple adblock“: all of the power of AdBlock Plus with fewer ethical restraints.

[adblock list for Chrome, adblock list for Iron]



  1. nice port, but no support for wildcards?


    or something like this,*ads/*.jpg

    Comment by mp3geek — December 1, 2008 @ 3:26 pm

  2. I, too, desire wildcards and more adblocking flexibility!

    GreaseMetal might be a circuitous addition to use wildcards without suffering loopback proxy (still adore proxomitron).

    Unfortunately it does not *yet* support Iron

    Though it’d be best to take issue with the Iron men (about adblocking):

    Unfortunately GreaseMetal 0.2 does not support GM_xmlHttpRequest so blocking interstitial video ads will still be entertaining.

    Installing and using the google fork of Chromium, Chrome, is unwise to say the least.

    Iron, the stronger fork of Chromium, is preferred and is influencing the development of Chromium:

    “we plan on demand of multiple user requests a function to delete private data automatically on exit, if this should be integrated from the “official” Chroimium [sic] team shortly.”

    Hopefully the minions of google will not bury more darkness in the code for the Iron team to sift. Already installed Chrome? Escape future IPA/RLZ twists with UNchrome [?]

    Grab Iron Chromium

    AIR vs Iron? … delights …. RLZ and RFID in google phone? AYBABTG

    Comment by Sagacious Himself — December 2, 2008 @ 3:04 am

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