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October 26, 2008

You will die. That is a surety as is: obama is a marxist, obama is a racist, obama as president will destroy America — Kruschev would have loved obama

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You will die. That’​s a suret​y.  Obama will murder you sooner should you dissent if, God forbid, he’s elected president.  Obama will increase the murder rate of children from zygote, the smallest person, to birth.  Obama will usher in murder of the elderly.  Obama will usher in murder of the useless.

But the value​ of OUR dolla​r is dying​ under​ the oppre​ssion​ of the socia​l cance​r:​ socia​lism.​

final​ly.​.​ some in the ‘​media​’​ are prope​rly label​ing obama​ a Marxi​st and a racis​t.

heavi​ly tax busin​ess then they will start​ firin​g peopl​e and event​ually​ move overs​ees .. so NO jobs.​.​ in the proce​ss produ​ct prici​ng will incre​ase and the peopl​e will not be able to affor​d goods​,​ some ‘​essen​tial’​,​ furth​er deval​uing the dolla​r even more than the prove​n-​fooli​sh ‘​bailo​ut’​ plan (​that didn’​t work for FDR)

No Marxi​st shoul​d serve​ in ANY Ameri​can publi​c offic​e.​.​ Sure,​ he can run for offic​e by abusi​ng his right​ to free speec​h by attem​pting​ to misle​ad the fooli​sh,​ the ignor​ant,​ and poorl​y educa​ted — especially those from socialist re-education centers.


Reduc​e forei​gn aide to ZERO.​ Debt probl​em to citiz​enry solve​d.​ Our money​ is ours. It does not belon​g to the state​;​ simil​arly the state​ is not an entit​y unto itsel​f.​.​.​.​ ‘we the peopl​e’​ compr​ise the state​ and the popul​ation​.​ Colle​ct immed​iatel​y on all debt owed to us the state​.​ The world​ hates​ us? Fine.​ They can stand​ on their​ own finan​cial merit​s.​ NO shari​ng of techn​ology​.​  NO food shipments to the starving, impoverished, or weather victims unless delivered by volunteers under the protection of our armed forces.

One nation under God.  No more removing of God from the public sphere.  Restore what has been removed.  Let us reassure out blessings of liberty


October 24, 2008

animals have no rights — treating food like people is irrational

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Of course the treatment of animals now is not humane:  animals are food .. ergo NOT human.  It is irrational to treat food as people.

Only people have rights.  And people have moral responsibility.  What moral responsibility does food have?

October 23, 2008

Adobe flash meta-policy: DRM by another name

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DRM by any other name…

outlaws and catapults

whying starts here

… with delightfully borked ssl

the flash you need with less draconian design – VCR to PVR vista not on the horizon

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I sense a less restrictive streaming video widget on the horizon…. DRM is a great way to tank flash… VCR freedom will continue

zottmann yahoo? or boohoo? layoffs and underhandedness

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Where are the yahoo priorities?  Go the way of google socialism in witch clothing, (allegedgly) do no evil, or win at any cost.. both falling woefully short of the mark.

Will yahoo stay true to akebono?  Or will the remnants be those already in faustian pacts?


October 20, 2008

moving files to usb flash drives would be easier with batch queuing shell utility

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To transfer two sets of files from two respective physical drives to one usb flash drive unity unattended is possible but does not maximized efficient- and maximized use of the flash drive.

It would be great if there was a freeware app with XP explorer shell integration to queue file transfers (copy or move)

“A file transfer to this device is already in progress.  Queue transfer or begin simultaneous transfer?”

While I’m wishing… I’d like some 1394 flash drives with bios boot support

October 19, 2008

when cretins interfere with catapult ownership we all suffer with TSA and the like

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“somebody should do something”

is a red flag.  Now I suffer with a minimum wage tyrant everywhere I travel.  Talking back to this petty thief is now a felony.

The thought gestapo will be rolling in full force with obama…  Please don’t take us there.

October 18, 2008

microsoft developed technology to store celestial objects online. google already possesses technology to steal bits of soul

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Transmogrification too good to be true?


We’ve designed Hotmail storage to grow with you, but at a reasonable pace. That means you should have plenty of storage unless you suddenly want to store the planet Jupiter on Hotmail, in which case we’ll send you a nice e-mail asking you to please not try to store planets on Hotmail (although gradual storage of planets, moons, and asteroids is ok).

Google already cunningly has users of its various ‘free’ services spoon feed themselves to their evil webmachines… now with toothy gears!

October 16, 2008

google hates microsoft? but chromium team recommends Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 for debugging

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October 15, 2008

we are smarter than me – social engineering socialism experiment?

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Truth by consensus wiki*edia style into a book?  Can’t wait to see what betas and gammas publish.

October 14, 2008

ministry of truth

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While physicists tend not to be as bright as real scientists, much as atheists are never genius, the big bang tv series by Chuck Lorre Productions usually ends with an interesting editorial.  This is from episode 2×04:

If your are a zealot of manmadeglobalwarming it’s likely you need to read more history…  stop wasting what little brain power you have (coercing your mind to hold falsity as truth) and inform your conscience to avoid being mislead.

October 13, 2008

anti-fitna? no reason, and plenty of irrational hate

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pesky reality afflicting islam..  enjoy some new islamese hate propaganda:

Rebuttal of fitna?  nope.

“convert to islam or die”… feel the love does

Download Fitna
fitna.wmv | fitna.avi

October 12, 2008

hazaa Chromium Iron Fork new first: now with adblock built-in

Adblocking is essential to privacy.  SRware‘s fork of Chromium, is the only way to use the google (evil ad serving empire) open source web browser.  A few bytes closer to ideal:

11.10.2008: Adblocker integrated in Iron

The wish of many users comes true: We integrated an
Adblocker in Iron!

With a filterlist so nearly all online-advertising can be
blocked. A working list can bedownloaded

and just has to be copied to the Iron folder (e.g:
C:\Program Files\Iron Fork\). Note: You must first get the
latest version of Iron you can find under “Downloads”.

So Iron is the first Chromium based webbrowser worldwide
which has an adblocker included.

It does not fully support the AdBlockPlus format; it is a loose implementation borrowing from

Hopefully SRware Iron Fork will soon tie into the context menu to take advantage of the built in inspector, whitelisting, and element hiding

If one plans to use Steve Pellegrin’s set of scripts to strip down rick752‘s AdBlockPlus list, The EasyList, originally intended for BFilter, with SRware’s Iron Chromium Fork some adjustments might be needed

Otherwise manually ditch the whitelist, convert ! to # for comments, and dump $ and following per line.

Portable Iron Forkeat the web safely

update.1:  Fanboy now authors an ablock list for Chromium likely in response to this well read SRware forum post (Iron adblock.ini documentation request not yet answered) — this thread has the highest number of views in the English forum.

Similarly minded posts request element hiding capability for Iron’s adblock engine, GUI features (right click / context menu) to control adblocking in Chromium starting with the Iron fork — similarly remarked as possible in a variety of (free) addons for Internet Explorer.  Interestingly only AdBlockPro for IE, seemingly approaching abandonware for lack of updates, offers context menu for blocking (plugin) objects like flash; the firefox implementation in AdBlock Plus relies on irksome object tabs.  Ie7pro could likely offering context menu blocking for flash as it has been suggested in their forums and received well by IEpro developers.  The BEST example of adblocking for IE8 is unfortunately questionableware “simple adblock“: all of the power of AdBlock Plus with fewer ethical restraints.

[adblock list for Chrome, adblock list for Iron]

October 11, 2008

Barack Obama with Mao Zedong

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Interesting visual comparison of ideologically compatible “men”

Mao Zedong would have loved and endorsed Obama

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Why build tanks when you can tank the economy? 

October 7, 2008

obama references the great depression in his first words and yet

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obama plans to DAMAGE the country the same way that FDR did…  it’s a good thing for obama the socialist influence on public re-education system has been strong enough to keep the masses, unwashed or otherwise, ignorrant of those errors so we can re-suffer all that again  orders of magnitudes greater + the delightful nuclear factors

but what do I know… I’m merely a genius

October 6, 2008

microsoft extends “commercial” life of XP

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yup… it was a real PR bitch slapping when the 80meg pirate version (ultra light) and and  light versions respectively loaded- and performed better:  no old junk, no bloat…. very not microsoft

Microsoft grants XP another stay

October 2, 2008

chromium fortified with Tempered Iron Fork

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree

Patience minions.. we’re in the same boat when proxomitron filter developers first started appearing.  Don’t forget many of them all still active.

The adblocking option oft not mentioned: BFilter

Hopefully the Tempered Iron Fork will outlast the Chrome Fork….

hazaa Chromium Iron Fork new first: now with adblock built-in

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