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September 25, 2008

ICANN in collusion with spamers or privacy extortionists — whois should be optional.

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WHOIS should be optional.   Use the contact widget on the given site should the owner desire to provide that facility.  If the site “is illegal” in a fashion a subpoena will acquire the information.  

I don’t appreciate having to pay an additional fee to not have a bunch of MY personal information in every DNS box on the planet.   Maintaining a PO box or other devious methods (we have no intention of revealing), web voicemail number (or fun with sip), ought not continue for the sole purpose of satisfying a tyrannical bureaucracy with slightly more functional value than the British monarchyICANN exists at its sole pleasure?  It will be difficult to burst through the tubes to dump ones domains into the exoether (the space between the tubes, manifolds, etc) in protest

I cannot ICANN abide. Registrar shall make a complete electronic
copy of the data available at least one time per week for download
by third parties who have entered into a bulk access agreement with

Who aren’t bright enough to setup their own DNS box? Registrar’s access agreement may
require the third party to agree not to sell or redistribute the
data except insofar as it has been incorporated by the third party
into a value-added product or service that does not permit the extraction
of a substantial portion of the bulk data from the value-added product
or service for use by other parties.

MAY?  please don’t spam our customers but whatever.   Have you
read the agreement banks sideswipe you with on new account creation in
its ENTIRETY?  third party spam fest out of which you may not opt,
until such time as you are automatically opted-in.  Tacit?  NO. 
They’ll treat you like a tinfoilhat loon

And the solution is held in “may land” well beyond the ken of exoether in section (emphasis added) wherein:

Registrar may enable Registered Name
Holders who are individuals to elect not to have Personal Data concerning
their registrations available for bulk access for marketing purposes
based on Registrar’s “Opt-Out” policy, and if Registrar
has such a policy, Registrar shall require the third party to abide
by the terms of that Opt-Out policy; provided, however, that Registrar
may not use such data subject to opt-out for marketing purposes
in its own value-added product or service.

Damnable “may”.  Godaddy would never provide that without extortion at least $8/year up to $30/year for ultra private but with some information provided about a business.   Hide less and cost more.  Brilliant… but for whom?  

Businesses who wish to create a strong loyalty base MUST have a double opt-in system and assume the customer only wishes status on purchases or responses to inquiries. 

 ICANN employs wiki*dia style “truth by consensus”  …. stire in some socialism and reflect on bygone generations globally…  epic fail.

… need sleep… more analysis of cretinous requirements forthcoming …..  

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