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September 2, 2008

openDNS alternative — easyDNS propaganda as community service

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openDNS alternative

If you want to use, the details are as follows: -> ->


easyDNS launches no frills, pure DNS lookups – fully patched

Some of our members have expressed reservations around using any DNS resolver that “alters” the traffic in any way, including typos and non-existent domains. Which is good news for us, because we’ve done this so fast we haven’t had time to build anything like that even if we wanted to. What we did want to do is provide a couple of DNS resolvers for use by our members (or anybody else) who just want to know they’re using a system run by people who are actively following this situation and are proactively keeping their own resolvers and caching nameservers as secure as the protocol allows.

With this in mind we’ve turned up today. No website, no user interface, at the moment it’s just a couple of resolvers with the latest security patches in place and that will continue to do so, open to use by anybody who wants. We have no idea where this will go, and it’s not really an official easyDNS “service” per se. But we wanted to do something to give our members options.


backup DNS akin to granite canyon or ZoneEdit


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