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April 10, 2008

AdBlock Plus hotkeys fun

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AdBlock Plus could make setting the hotkeys a little less obscure. I like fiddling with about:config as much as the next tweaker, but how many people were annoyed by beta 3 4 Control-Shift-B? The latest minor update changes that to Control-Shift-V. So I’ll get to create a bunch of new article stubs, but I digress.

For those still wondering, search for extensions.adblockplus.sidebar_key in about:config “accel” == control

plug: Fanboy has a nice unadult blocking list (porn)

Fanboy’s AdBlock List

muffins: scourge of the solar system!!

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muffins are more muffalicious when they include plants. I love to devour the suffering of plants!

plant creulty! you speciesist

plants suffer while we gorge ourselves. the world is unfair!!

it’s because it’s round. flatearth or die!

muffins: scourge of the solar system!! I think you would like the muffins though. there is ginger in them. and mystical spices from beyond!! i am eating the last one right now

muffaliciously tantelizing emptiness

here you go, O

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