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April 25, 2008 – crop and text

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NO layers

upload, crop, add text, save as PNG or transload to flickr

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. – great for quick cropping

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EmEditor free download

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forget it


is a well developed sourceforge project

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April 23, 2008

mirror: IceSword 1.22 – English

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April 14, 2008

art of the cousin of the day

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the witches of oz


jessica rabbit


April 13, 2008

mmm quality of overclocking lite-on

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I had to see for myself… now I’ll have pretty pictures and stats to show people when I tell them not to hack burner firmware

verbatim 16x burner at 20x

increased RPM, higher than recommended burn speed, increased sensitivity of Online HyperTuning (yes, very vague), SmartBurn not-disabled

it’s so awesome the drive quit responding while reading here

let’s see what awesome quality it’ll give me on a box of verbatim 2.4x DVD+R …

April 12, 2008

CSRF attacks and a certain security article on firefox missing

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[start profile 1]
[start profile n]


gotta end with equals zero. woops

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April 10, 2008

AdBlock Plus hotkeys fun

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AdBlock Plus could make setting the hotkeys a little less obscure. I like fiddling with about:config as much as the next tweaker, but how many people were annoyed by beta 3 4 Control-Shift-B? The latest minor update changes that to Control-Shift-V. So I’ll get to create a bunch of new article stubs, but I digress.

For those still wondering, search for extensions.adblockplus.sidebar_key in about:config “accel” == control

plug: Fanboy has a nice unadult blocking list (porn)

Fanboy’s AdBlock List

muffins: scourge of the solar system!!

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muffins are more muffalicious when they include plants. I love to devour the suffering of plants!

plant creulty! you speciesist

plants suffer while we gorge ourselves. the world is unfair!!

it’s because it’s round. flatearth or die!

muffins: scourge of the solar system!! I think you would like the muffins though. there is ginger in them. and mystical spices from beyond!! i am eating the last one right now

muffaliciously tantelizing emptiness

here you go, O

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April 6, 2008

bookmarking 080406 mwahaha

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weeds and seeds

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The Church herself is a field, within which seeds and weeds, the good and the wicked, grow together, a place where there is room to grow, to be converted and above all to imitate God’s patience. The wicked exist in this world either to be converted or that through them the good may exercise patience.

April 4, 2008

google moderate SafeSearch needs to learn about modesty

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Hoping to find a bottle of bubble bath soap my broad search instead turned up some less that modest images.


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April 3, 2008

fitna download – thanks aaron

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Remember… the Second Amendment protects my First Amendment right to post the above. The ACLU and LEFT WING MEDIA OUTLET will not protect your right of free speech. April 15 is Buy a Gun Day


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April 1, 2008

intelligent CAPTCHAs overdue

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apple reinvents the wheel in iTunes — plus they integrated a parking-boot into their version

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Plus they integrated a parking-boot into their version. One step forward into fascism, three steps back from liberty.

Thanks apple!

cannot upload PNG to Photoshop Express??? WTH

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even the knock off online photo editing services support PNG!!

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